The gifts you shoulda’ gotten (under $40)

It’s been too long…I realized the other day how much I miss posting – so I am back at it. Right in time for New Years Eve and the post-Christmas sales, I’ve pulled together a list of the stocking stuffer you shoulda’ gotten. If you’re anything like me, there are still a couple of things on your wish list – let the below round it out!

Under $15

  • The bomb LIP BALM (say that cheesey-ness 3x fast) – Korres Lip Butter($12 @ Sephora, link below)
    • This is the BEST winter lip balm. Yes, that’s right…I’ve declared this the best lip balm to use when your pout is in dire need of moisture. The best times to use: before bed and before or after you hit the slopes or find yourself out in the cold for a long period of time. I should caveat that this is a thicker balm, and the flavor I like the most (GUAVA) goes on a bit white…BUT, it rubs in well and it leaves your lips feeling moisturized for hours. The pot lasts awhile – smells great, feels great (think, silky smooth lips – the texture is really luxurious, that’s the best word to describe it!), and Paraben free
    • Sephora link:
  • Room refresher – as much as I love candles, sometimes I need something more constant to freshen my hallways. That’s why I swear by, Bath & Body Works Wallflowers (link below). The plug-in unit is $6.50 and there are a ton of different scents. Another good thing is, the Wallflower refills go on sale often. Some of the Holiday scents are currently on sale for $3 each. My fave is ‘Twisted Peppermint’ it is a light, sweet smell, and it’s not too Holiday-ish so you could use it any time. I find that one Wallflower scent bulb lasts around 3 weeks – the good thing – scent isn’t too overpowering, but it really freshens up a good-sized area

Under $25

  • Girls-night inBRIDESMAIDS on DVD. I didn’t get this in my stocking because I bought it the day it was released. BUT, for those of you who haven’t seen it – (wtf?!) or for those of you who have only seen it once – (really?!) You need to get it on DVD – this is the type of movie you need to watch multiple times…it gets funnier, believe me. It is on for <$20…so, go get it! The beauty is – can be watched alone or with friends and still just as funny

  • Brush up your concealer routine – despite all the make up I own, it has taken me this long to invest in a Concealer Brush. A concealer brush is smaller than a foundation brush and is a great way to apply concealer to under eyes and/or blemishes. The main reasons to invest in a concealer brush: 1. better coverage – concealer will go on smooth and spread easily, it also helps avoid caking which can sometimes happen with finger application 2. it helps you use less concealer – therefore, saving you in the long run! So, invest in a concealer brush – it’ll make life easier

Under $40

  • Cozy and cute gear – or shall I say, cozy and sexy…those words rarely work together – but this sweatshirt by Make + Model (found at Nordstrom) is the perfect merger of a cozy soft sweatshirt with a touch of cute sexy. The slightly off the shoulder style shows a bit of skin (without being too 80s). The fabric is teddy bear soft…I find myself lounging on the couch in this number – or throwing on a pair of black leggings and wearing it to run errands. My color of choice is ROSE TEA…because it adds a bit more girly-ness – check it out:

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