I’ve been thinking about this for awhile…re-launching the blog. Today feels like the right day to just make it happen. (1/16/17)


That’s me! And my husband, Nick. Yup, married now. And this was 4 years ago!


On and off, I’ve been blogging since 2010. Reviewing beauty products, some fitness and lifestyle mixed in. I don’t plan to stray far from these topics because they’re still interesting to me.

But…I felt it was time for a new name. Cupcakes&Nailpolish…albeit 2 of my favorite treats, just doesn’t capture it/me/life anymore. So in an effort to keep it simple and put “me” into it…I’m relaunching as “Beth on Beauty”

That said (I don’t know why I always use this phrase in my daily life now…must be age!) it’s not going to just be about beauty products and the things we put on our external selves. But also…beauty in all the forms and ways it can be viewed. The truth is beauty is subjective. It’s not just about our external-selves at all. But the inside and what we put in it. And what’s all around us.  Ok, so I’ll hold off on getting too “out there.” Be patient with me because my hope is to bring you a lot of goods stuff…to entertain, inspire, inform, maybe make you roll your eyes? I don’t know. I’m just getting re-started here 😉

Excited to be back and as always – love to hear your input!


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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey hot stuff! LOVE your blog! I will fosho be a follower! great hang-over tip. I am currently drinking margaritas as if they are halting the production of Tequila! needless to say, I am going to try your vitamin assistant! miss you soo


    • THANK YOU, lova! I hope the vitamin B did the trick! Funny thing is…I always think of you when I’m drinking margaritas – do you remember when we went to Lobsta’ Land for graduation dinner??? You were drinking that LARGE margarita?? Tell me you remember this haha


  2. Beth!! Love your blog! I’m happy to read about beauty secrets from a girl that always had it right in college… and also happy to follow your blog. Have to support the working ladies 😉 Great job, keep posting, and good luck!


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