Whole wheat pizza @ home

I made a mini (healthier…in-my-eyes) whole wheat pizza last night. Howie agreed – it was good, he wanted some and hovered over me the whole time just to get a taste.

I can’t find a pic of the pre-made crust online – but it is Stop & Shop brand – they make a large crust and a smaller crust. They come in white and whole wheat. I did the whole wheat, with chunky tomatoes, light cheese, a dab of olive oil and a bunch of veggies (my faves are sliced tomatoes and fresh spinach, they melt nicely with the cheese). I threw everything on top, sprinkled some oregano and random spices on – popped it in the oven for around 10 mins – and boom, yummy dinner – and healthier than regular pizza.

Click on this link for Howie’s review of the pizza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvKQpe3D1_k

If you close your eyes it almost tastes like a reeses cup…almost

What do snacks have to do with beauty? Plenty. I like to share my healthy snack ideas with friends…in hopes that they’ll have some to share with me. Also, I often throw a snack in my purse on the way to the mall or Target – the goal to avoid the junky mall food or candy aisle (being honest, I usually never leave the mall without getting candy – it’s been a life long tradition for me).

I was at Target recently and there was a sale on these ‘new’ Luna Protien Bars. I’ve tried the other Luna bars…I like them, but sometimes I feel like they’re grainy or leave a chalky after-taste. Also, they’re not always that satisfying and I find myself wanting another snack shortly after. I thought these protien bars might be a good option – knowing protien fills ya up…and I thought the choco/peanut butter flavor sounded amazing.

Well, I can report back – they’re delicious. With less than 200 calories and 12g of Protien/3g of Fiber, I think these are pretty good. And I find that they’re more filling. So – instead of reaching for something junky – I’ll pick one of these up when I’m on the run. Love em’

I saw these @ Target – ~$6 a box