Tried & True: Remedy for a dry, itchy scalp

This time of year my scalp gets itchy…I have eczema on my scalp that is often flared up in the humid weather (lovely, right?) I know I’m not alone when it comes to an itchy and/or dry scalp…that’s why I want to share this tried & true remedy. I wrote a post over a year ago about another shampoo that also works for these same ‘ailments.’ But the one I’m sharing today is a more natural product and works WONDERS. I use it a couple times a week in the summer and it does the trick.

What: Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo


I usually pick up at Whole Foods for ~$12. My first bottle has lasted well over six months. It has a noticeable, menthol smell. I find it cooling but it definitely stays on your hair so I typically follow with a nourishing conditioner to cover up the smell as best as possible and moisturize my hair a bit more because this shampoo doesn’t really do that. Hopefully, someome else can benefit by this dry scalp remedy! Please share any tips, tricks, or products you may have!

Product description on site: This laboratory-tested, gentle cleanser stops dandruff while controlling scalp dermatitis and mild psoriasis. Featuring our unique combination of FDA compliant dandruff-control ingredients plus nourishing essential oils of Rosemary, Olive and Jojoba, this medicated cleanser soothes, heals and moisturizes while it eliminates flakes and itchiness. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) rebalances and conditions the scalp to prevent future dandruff.

Tried & True: super cheap DRY SHAMPOO!

While visiting NYC this weekend, I realized this tried & true post is a long time coming. I’ll set the stage…I washed, blow dried, and curled my hair on Wednesday morning…it was kind of a stretch to expect it to hold up until Friday night – but it did. It was almost unheard of to allow it to go another day – but alas, I had no choice. We rolled out of bed Saturday AM, went shopping, and suddenly it was 4pm and we had to cab it back to where we were staying, change, freshen up, and then make it to dinner across town by 6pm. I had no choice but to employ the use of DRY SHAMPOO for the 3rd day in a row. I had my doubts…but again, this amazing product helped me pull through sans greasy hair. And I danced the night away with a nice do’ all-Saturday-night-long.

And this is when I realized I must share this product with EVERYONE (who cares).

I’ve tried quite a few brands – some that are $20 a bottle…after much testing, the absolute BEST is by SAUVE. Believe it or not, whether it’s the texture or how it sprays on your hair, this brand works the best. I like that Sauve doesn’t flatten my hair/weigh it down. And it’s <$3 a bottle at most stores (I’ve seen it at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart etc.)!!! For more info on Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray  <—click on the link

Sauve Dry Shampoo - the bomb

Sauve Dry Shampoo – the bomb

Direction on how to apply dry shampoo – well, at least how I do it:

When you can use:

  • You’re heading out after work and your hair is flat/potentially greasy from the day – dry shampoo moment
  • You just woke up and don’t have time to wash/dry your hair before work – dry shampoo moment
  • It’s Sunday, you’re too tired to shower, the mall closes at 6pm and you want to go shopping but not look greasy – dry shampoo moment
  • You want to create an up-do and just-washed hair is too soft for your hair to stay up – well, leave it for a day and just use the dry shampoo to freshen your locks before styling

How to apply:

  • You really don’t need to brush your hair first, but you can – especially if it’s knotted. I usually don’t brush too hard because I don’t want to spread any oils throughout my hair
  • Get your bottle of spray shampoo – and I hold a couple inches away from my head and spray along the hair line (i.e. around forehead, side-burn area, and usually all around to the back of my neck). I also spray on the very top of my head / along the part line
  • Now, tousle your hair – mix it in…sometimes I use a tissue if I feel like I need to pick up any dry shampoo residue
  • brush lightly, style, and GOOOOO!

Do you use dry shampoo? what kind? hate it or love it?