Drugstore Favorite: Eyeliner(s)!

Ahh Sunday…one of my favorite days of the week. My other favorite? Friday, of course. But I love Sundays because I don’t feel bad about sticking around the house all day…telling myself I’m just preppin’ for the work week. Although I’ve done very little today other than make myself 2 cups of coffee in the Keurig and watch Roseanne clips on YouTube (honestly, this sitcom is very underrated…I am addicted!)

I thought I’d share one of my drugstore favorites today. It is a trio of eyeliners I came across in CVS when I was pursuing the aisles a couple months back. I saw a display with all these Physicians Formula make up products. I zeroed in on a package of 3 eyeliners (yes 3 in ONE package!). They are the wind-up liners and come in 3 different shades. I picked the ‘Warm Nude’ trio with a bronze, copper, and black combo. To me, they’re more like light brown, dark brown, and black – very universally flattering color palette.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio Nude Collection

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio Nude Collection

They claimed to have staying power…I was skeptical. But 3 eyeliners for approx. $12 wasn’t a bad deal so I picked up a box. And a couple months later (and many wears later), they have grown to be a make up bag staple!

How do I apply: I use the lighter brown under my lower lashes (as not to have too harsh a line), the darker brown on my top lashes. And I save the black for when I want a more dramatic look…like when I’m going out or something crazy like that 😉

These liners DON’T RUN. That’s a huge selling point for me. They never irritate my eyes. And, I like that I can mix and match and combine the colors for a different look. Oh and, being the wind-up liners, they store well and you don’t have to worry about anything scratching your eye. Which happens to me when I don’t sharpen my pencil liners well enough, ouch.

You can also buy @ Ulta here

So there it is…a drugstore favorite – for $12. it’s a great deal! Better than any ‘designer’ liner I’ve tried in a long time!

Happy Sunday! ❤

Tried & True: hall-of-fame worthy eyeliners

Awhile back I posted about two eyeliners – one considered a ‘steal’ the other a ‘splurge.’ I stand by these two as great liners – but recently, I decided there are two other liners in my ‘collection’ that deserve an upgrade to tried & true status.

With the holidays here and all those fun parties to attend – most ladies are willing to dress it up a little more than usual…this is why I want to highlight these liners. One is a liquid, the other is a pencil but goes on smooth and thicker than typical pencils. Both are awesome, stay-put (i.e. waterproof) liners that can create a more dramatic look – perfect for holiday parties or events. I will add, they’re not just for dress-up, I wear these to work – typically one swipe and I’ll stick to the top lid only or layer a nude shadow* over the line – for a more polished/professional look.

*A great shadow to layer on top of a liner to tone it down or to use as a base to brighten the eye area is:  Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in BONE ($21 Nordstrom, Sephora.com etc.) this is a matte shadow – no shimmer, which is GOOD because it doesn’t make you appear too shiny/glimmery for day-time. As much as I like shimmer (in the right places), I remind myself that too much around the eyes can create a shiny effect in photographs, which doesn’t always look good (think, greasy). Something to keep in my this time of year when people are snapping annual family/friend photos!

Liner #1:

Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($20 @ Sephora)

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (featured in ‘jet black’)

If you want a liner that WILL not run or smudge…and I really mean it – get this. This is truly a wear-all-day liner…and it goes on smooth, the fine tip makes it super easy to get as thin or thick of a line as you want. I use ‘chocolate brown’ – I’ll draw a thicker line on my top lid typically making the line thicker towards the outer corner of my lid for an eye-opening effect, while I’ll sweep very lightly under my bottom lashes just to get a bit of color. Sweat, cry, get stuck (or should I say lucky?) making out in a rain storm…your liner will not run if you use this one!

Liner #2:

YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) dessin du regard waterproof – long-lasting waterproof eye pencil ($29 @ Sephora)

YSL long-lasting waterproof eye pencil (featured in ‘plum brown’)

I love this liner – it goes on thick so I usually have to apply lightly.  I was introduced to this liner by a woman who works at the Dior make-up counter – yup, that’s right, think about it… – she was using Dior EXCEPT for the liner, she pulled this out of her case and told me it is her GO TO regardless. This felt like a pretty legit endorsement! The line is super smooth and reminds me more of a liquid. It has very good staying power. I use ‘plum brown’ or ‘deep brown’ – ‘plum brown’ being my favorite because the purple hue is known to make the gold flecks in hazel eyes POP.  I feel fancy when I use this liner- perhaps because it’s a whopping $30 BUT it lasts because it needs minimal sharpening (I typically like it to have a dull tip so I can draw a thicker line and blend with my lash line). Overall, a great liner – the thickness and color of the pencil is like no other pencil I’ve ever used.

I keep both of these liners in my make-up bag. Both are on the splurge side but deliver on quality – they have strong color and staying power. Neither runs out quickly – which is huge when you’re splurging on a make-up product.

Side note: I saw a write up on this (below) liner and it looks SUPER FUN for the Holidays – NYE specifically! I’ve never tried but I’m tempted to use the ‘midnight cowboy’ color for the holidays. It’s called: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner ($18 @ Sephora)  The sparkle looks so fun…and it comes in a bunch of bright colors -blue, green, purple etc. (that you could coordinate nicely with a NYE dress?? or cute pair of heels?!)

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Line (featured in ‘pale pink’)

Do you have a favorite liner? please share! 🙂