An overpriced face wash…worth the money

Ok, so I bought this one when I was ‘in a mood’ – I stopped by the Chanel counter…acting like I could afford the $65 eyeshadow. I needed a pick me up. Maybe it sounds like I have a problem – but I don’t care, after this purchase I did feel better…and I didn’t wake up the next morning with a hang over.

The ‘Chanel Lady’ (how I like to refer to my ladies ‘at the counter’) convinced me to try a couple of Chanel products including a sample of this overpriced face wash. Having recently gotten a eczema break-out on my face…I thought to myself ‘Beth, this nice smelling, creamy face wash is only going to ENFLAME (strong word) your eczema…and make your upper lip more red…woof.’

Whatever, I tried it (Chanel Mousse Confort Rinse Off Foaming Mousse Cleanser) anyway. Crazy enough…it DID NOT irritate my eczema. In fact, over a couple of weeks my eczema faded. I’m not saying it was ‘the cure’ but there was certainly something with the face wash that helped clear it up. Beyond that, I loved the smell of the face wash…lightly perfumed, but nothing over the top. Super creamy, a small DIME SIZE amount covered my whole face and neck. When I washed it off, my face felt clean but not ‘too squeaky’ like my skin was stripped. I was hooked. The first tube lasted well over 6 MONTHS. With a price tag of $45 – it needs to last.

This face wash is worth the extra money. If you have sensitive skin, this might work for you! It washes make up off all the way – your face feels clean and soft. I love it and I just bought my second tube…I cringed slightly when I handed over my debit card…but I reminded myself how long it lasted and how I did see results. Thus…cha-ching…consider it a staple, like toothpaste

You can buy at any department store – my favorite place is Nordstrom – so here it is:

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