Tried & True = Rosebud Salve

Plain and simple…I tried it years ago and now it’s a go to lip gloss. It moisturizes well, is colorless, and last forever. It is one of those lipglosses your boyfriend can borrow when suddenly he needs ‘some chapstick.’ It’s not glittery or sticky – it just works. My only gripe was that when I left the metal tin in my car the salve melted everywhere…granted, I could have guessed this would happen to most semi-liquids on a hot summer’s day, but it was still annoying. THEN, The Rosebud Perfume Co. came out with a tube version of the salve – solving this dilemma. Also solving the ‘I’m at a bar, I really don’t want to dip my dirty finger into this pot and spread it on my lips’ dilemma. I now use the tube and I bring it with me everywhere. For $6 you can’t go wrong. I usually buy @ Sephora

Side note: it has ‘other uses’ according to the package – diaper rash, treating minor burns…I’ve never used it for any of these purposes, but it’s nice to think it’s multi-functional ha

Find here:


2 thoughts on “Tried & True = Rosebud Salve

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! Never knew that it came in the tube!! Can’t tell you how many times the tin melted EVERYWHERE especcially in my purse!! Thanks for the heads up on this awesome product!!!


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