Cellulite…I hate you

They say it’s hereditary…that women are more prone to it than men. That even if you’re thin, you can still have it. Cellulite, I hate it. I first noticed it on myself my first year out of college. I was wearing a pair of A&F mini shorts and saw the back of my upper thigh in a mirror. I cried, I called my Mom…she suggested I drink more water, flush my system. Since then, it’s been a bit of an obsession. How do I get rid of it? Or, at the very least, minimize it?

Here are some shorter and longer term treatments that I have learned:

 Shorter term (my usual route)

  • Spray tan – it can make you look pounds thinner, and it can mask skin imperfections
  • Exfoliation and massaging skin (this is my #1 treatment lately!) – I exfoliate the backs of my legs and bum in the shower every day. I also use a brush to massage the backs of my legs, to get the circulation going. I got this tip from my girl from amodelrecommends.com! In a weeks’ time I’ve noticed a difference. Maybe it is all in my mind, but my legs look smoother. This is the type of brush, you don’t need this exact one, just needs the bristles, they have many different brands at your local drug store: http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Therapeutics-Ergo-Form-Reaching-Brush/dp/B000NCYZXI/ref=acc_glance_bt_ai_ps_t2_t_1
  • Anti-cellulite cream – the caffeine in these creams helps temporarily plump the skin. I use daily – but especially before wearing shorts or a bathing suit. Before trying these creams I thought it was all a joke. But, I have seen some nice results…nothing ground breaking, but it makes me keep rubbing it on! My new favorite is: http://www.mariobadescu.com/botanical-firming-lotion. It is a thick cream but it absorbs quickly. I’ve had good luck with this line so I’m trying this cream
  • Drink water, drink tea…flush the system!
  • When wearing a tight dress, or if you’re nervous about random bumps/bulges under certain clothing/material– throw on some Spanx and smooth it all out immediately

 Longer term

Look at Sophie Monk (photo courtesy of skinnyvscurvy.com)…even this slender hottie has some cellulite. Maybe I’m evil for finding this pic…but it shows that even hot, skinny hollywood can’t avoid this annoying imperfection. we’re all human!

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