Tried & True: Crest Whitestrips

I’ve used these for years…and thankfully, Crest has continually improved the product. Now, the strips stay on more easily (i.e. advanced seal), and the professional effects is less harsh on my gums. I’m a big coffee drinker and every once in awhile I look in the mirror and notice my smile looking dull. I pop a set of these in, either before bed, or on the way to work. The results are immediate! I’ve done these before a night out and people have commented on my white smile. I consider these ‘tried & true’ – I have to have a box in the bathroom.

I thought I would add, you don’t need to wear these everyday – initially, depending on your teeth color, you might want to use for a few days. But then, you really only need them here and there for maintenance. I might use them 2 days in a row now, then stop…or use them 2-3 days in a row leading up to a big event. This helps the box last longer and avoid gum line irritation from over exposure.

The ~$40 price tag is steep. But hey, they’re cheaper than professional whiting. I am going to save professional whiting for when I’m older and might really need it. These are key before big events…weddings, Jersey Shore weekends etc.

you can order online as well – I love Granted, if you need them last minute this won’t help! But, if you plan ahead you can order from here, usually get free shipping and this site often has sales:

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