Leisurely Sunday afternoon…chasing tag sales

Robyn's mug...complete with hot pink lipstick

We started with breakfast at McKenna’s, a very good breakfast spot in the Savin Hill area of Dorchester. Robyn sipped snickerdoodle coffee, while I enjoyed banana-hazelnut…what do you do on a warm Sunday afternoon? Our question was answered while driving home – we spotted a tag sale at a Dorchester three-decker. The finds were incredible:

Vintage jewelry (or at least we think so!), an antique glass perfume tray for my Ikea vanity (ironic), and a lipstick stand complete with a little man playing a ukulele…all for under $20

Now 4 of my lipglosses are saved from the bottom of my purse

Robyn – brought home items that would make the guys on Pawn Stars bring in an expert…

First, an old Italian leather doctor’s bag with soft suede interior. Robyn with her sassy Italian style – has a new fall purse, it’s beyond amazing! And, she’s letting me keep the newspaper that was stuffed inside from 1972! Planning to make some type of collage with it (I’ll post the finished product!)

The coolest thing - the charm, and change purse hidden inside

Then, two matching laps…hand painted accents, marble base…maybe something you would have found in your great aunt’s living room in the 50s. But now, Robyn will have beautifully funky antique lamps…a real conversation starter. Mob wives everywhere are jealous

So, while others are at the beach working on their tan – we’re hunting tag sales finding treasures (for cheap!) – call us if you wanna join!

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