How do you look in watermelon pink?

The lady at the Benefit counter dusted the Bella Bamba ‘watermelon pink’ blush on my friend Kristi’s cheeks. I loved the pop of pink color, the shimmer, and how it highlighted. I HAD to have it too. So, I bought it…

…then one day I randomly caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror at work…I was pale with watermelon pink cheeks, something wasn’t right. That was the day I realized, I couldn’t pull off the watermelon pink.

Later, it was explained to me that it could be because of the more ‘green (i.e. cool) undertones in my skin.’ Woof. My friend Kristi – and my other friend Robyn, who ended up getting my failed blush purchase look great in this blush. But why?

Both of them have more yellow/olive (warm) undertones in their skin. To explain this better – they both tan easily, get more brown…whereas I get more berry colored. They also have dark hair and eyes, while I’m blonde (well, fake blonde) with hazel eyes. I’m thinking all these things factored in. So – although it didn’t work on me…I find it GORGEOUS on these other ladies and their skin tone…and if you have similar characteristics – this blush could work for you too! It’s certainly one of the summers ‘it’ blush colors.

Here’s a pic of Robyn sporting the Bella Bamba blush:

Robyn is quite tan right now - so the pink is pretty subtle...but you can tell that its a nice pinky accent on her cheek!

What’s Bella Bamba all about:

  • It’s one of Benefits newer blushes
  • Bella Bamba is a deeper pink color, with gold shimmers – definitely, a playful tone!
  • The color is definitely pink (not peach)
  • It’s supposed to ‘brighten and sculpt’
  • It comes in a more convenient flip-top case, with a small mirror on the inner cover, and stays shut because it’s magnetized
  • The 0.28 oz container costs $28 (I’ve heard that Benefit has decreased the size of the blush container while keeping the price the same, booo to them!)
    • But, the blush should last a good amont of time – since you only need a couple swipes per cheek, per application to get the pinky-shimmery color

Although it didn’t look fly on me – it could work on you! It’s a fun color for the summer.

Available at most dept stores, and Sephora:

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