Sometimes it’s the random, little things…

this time of year and especially on Facebook, we like to share what we are thankful for. Like many others, my family, health, and friends top the list of what I’m really thankful for – but I decided, why not craft a list of a few more things…call them random, frivolous, or just silly…but here they are with a little bit of reasoning…

  1. Spotify PREMIUM – goodbye Pandora, hello Spotify Premium. For $9.99 a month, I can listen to anything, anytime…create my own ‘Beth’ playlist…and stream anywhere. I’m thankful for you…my custom 90s mixes, or Holiday mash ups right at my finger tips
  2. Mobile banking – drinks with friends, online shopping…the sudden realization that your checking account balance might be dwindling – thank goodness for mobile banking. In just a couple swipes, I can transfer from here to there (while on the run!) and prevent any dread debit card issues
  3. REAL Movie theatre popcorn – yes, it is far from healthy – but this time of year, some of the bigger films come out…and nothing is more of a special treat to me than a bag of movie theatre popcorn (hold the butter). Sprinkle in some Reeses Pieces and this is a dinner fit for a Queen
  4. Sweaters with leggings – too much movie theatre popcorn? have no fear…a cute (and comfy!) pair of leggings matched with a fitted, yet long sweater = a cute outfit…that hides any worrisome area(s). Thank you for your forgiving, yet funky/hip style, sweaters + leggings
  5. Holiday catalogs – it’s like getting a free book in the mail – glossy, glittery and usually smelling nice from perfume samples…I love those thick, heavy, Holiday catalogs from Bloomies, Nordstrom, and Saks. I like to kick back on the couch, flag the pages, and pick the things I love the most…all while knowing, I really don’t need any of it for Christmas
  6. Whipped cream vodka – no, not the flavored type…but the actual whipped cream with alcohol in it. Swirl a bit on your hot chocolate, spiced cider or coffee…or squirt a bit directly from the can into your mouth…this is a fun treat that makes holiday drinks/drinking even more tempting
  7. Dark nail polish – see you later pale pinks, corrals, and light greens – hello dark greys, blues, and reds…this time of year, I welcome those dark colors that pop against my pale skin. Suddenly I have way more color choices!
  8. Grated Parmesan cheese – so I asked Nick what random thing he’s most thankful for…and I thought I’d throw it in…he said parm cheese because “it adds a certain tang and texture to any pasta dish AND it’s used to make meatballs, one of my favorite foods.” this being the judgement free list, I think this is a great thing to be thankful for, yum
  9. – every time BEFORE I make an online purchase I check this site…and more often than not, there is some type of deal I can use to save just a little bit more. Thank you RetailMeNot for making online shopping that much more fun
  10. Homemade smores – my current go-to dessert. 3 choco squares, 2 marshmallows, 1 graham cracker…15-20 seconds in the microwave…boom, warm, delicious, and rich dessert

What are you thankful for?? Share here…this is the judgement free zone!

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