An ode to Hanky Panky…thongs

If I didn’t catch you with the name ‘Hanky Panky’ – I’m hoping I reeled you in with the word thong? Who doesn’t love a thong?

Ok, I’m sure there are plenty of ladies out there who don’t like this undergarment. It brings to mind the uncomfortable feeling of a wedgy? Well, if you fall into this bucket – please don’t turn away yet. Because, this overview/ode to the world’s best thong, that is the Hanky Panky (HPs) brand, may change your perspective.

A pair of Hanky Panky's in Low Rise. Color: Lapis Blue

A pair of Hanky Panky’s in Low Rise. Color: Lapis Blue

I don’t know when I first found out about these underwear. I remember seeing them, lacey, colorful, and individually wrapped on the countertops of many boutiques. The $18-$20 price tag (per pair) always freaking me the heck out. Somehow, I got my hands on a pair…(potentially given to me as a gift?). I was skeptical. But then I tried them…and realized these underwear are worth the hype and extra investment – why?:

  • They DO NOT stretch out. Ever. I have had many a cute pairs of undies that have stretched out over time. But never my HPs. The years come and go – my butt grows and shrinks (depending on the season) – but my HPs, they always fit
  • They don’t rip or tear. How many times have I ripped a hole in my Victoria’s Secret lace undies with a sharp finger nail? It happens more than it should. But my HPs do not rip or tear, ever
  • I never bother washing them separately – even if they tell ya to. I throw em in the laundry with everything and they never come out any different
  • They will last you years, yes years. I have thrown away almost all other underwear I’ve owned – all my HPs have lived on
  • Most importantly, they are super super comfortable. I don’t even know I’m wearing them when they’re on. And because they are lace, they rest snug against your skin – which means no VPL (visible panty line). Unlike other thongs that tend to dig in in all the wrong places (you know what I mean) – HPs never do
  • They typically come ‘one size fits all’ and because they’re made of this amazing, soft, stretchy fabric, they truly do fit a variety of sizes. But, they also make them in Plus size and Petite now!
  • Oh and how did I forget, the are super cute. Very cute. Lacey and soft – you’ll never be embarrassed to be caught in them
  • They come in low, mid, and regular rise. I stick with the low rise so I don’t have to worry about them ever peeking over my pant line!
Howie modeling a couple new pairs of HPs. Have we gone too far here? I think not. Howie got a treat for this easy modeling job.

Howie modeling a couple new pairs of HPs. Have we gone too far here? I think not. Howie got a treat for this easy modeling job.

So, you may say, I still wouldn’t never ever pay $20 for 1 pair of underwear. Well fine, I can understand that. BUT, what I do is wait for these babies to go on sale*. Which they often do at major dept stores (i.e Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor etc.). They also occasionally have sales through Gilt or Rue La La which I literally mark my calendar for. That’s how I got my latest batch. I got a gift certificate “pay $60 get $100 for” Buy yourself a pair and try them out. I promise you will not be disappointed.

*Speaking of tracking sales, I just found out about this site called Hukkster. Once you put the “Hukk It” button on your bookmarks bar, you can tag different items online and be alerted if/when they go on sale. I have HPs on alert all ova’ the web. Check out this site!

At the end of the day us ladies don’t need 100 pairs of underwear, that’s madness. If you start a collection of higher quality, comfortable undergarments, over time, you’ll have a nice batch. You won’t regret spending the extra money because they’ll last a long time & make you feel GOOD!

So, will you try them?? Or,

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