Top websites of 2013 according to Cupcakes&Nailpolish

Like many people, I spend allotta’ time online. More than I’d like to between working a desk job and having a smartphone glued to my hand at almost all points of the day. I’m not saying I’m proud of it – but I can say that I’ve done a lot of searching…googling…and have found a handful of great websites. The below sites aren’t necessarily ‘secret’ but I’ve come to use them quite often over the last year or so. Maybe you’ll find them helpful (or already do?!) What websites do you “swear by”? Please share!

dermstore-dermstore_logoDermstore: not sure how or when I found this website – but what I love about it is, Dermstore has all the harder to find skincare and haircare brands. I’m able to find brands that are typically sold at smaller boutiques or spas through this site. And, I can usually find a coupon or discount through RetailMeNot (obviously on this list as well!) or from one of Dermstore’s emails. If you ever looking for a harder to find beauty brand, check out Dermstore – they have quick shipping and smooth returns too!

retailmenot logoRetailMeNot: I’ve long sung the praises of RetailMeNot. This site is my go-to for an online deal. I don’t make any purchase online without checking here first. This site often surprises me with the exclusive deals it gets access to. RetailMeNot also has a great iPhone app that is great to check when you’re on the go – because it also has in-store coupons/deals

makeupalley-logoMakeUpAlley: I love to review products – but where does one go when you want to read someone else’s review? And I don’t mean just one review – but a place to really understand how a product ranks with real people. MakeUpAlley is just the site. It is a user generated review site for all things beauty – make up, face care products, hair care etc. I’ve even downloaded the iPhone app so I can read reviews on the go. It’s a great resource when you’re in the market for something new

UnknownAModelRecommends: AMR is technically a blog – by model, Ruth Crilly. She does a lot of different beauty/product reviews…I find her super charming and fun to read and watch (she does video blogs/vlogs as well!) her site is beautiful. And she’s definitely taken it to another level because some of her posts are sponsored by big brands. Overall, I think she’s a great resource and I love to see what she’s testing.  Although she’s a model with a beautiful complexion and killer photos, she’s relateable! She posts informative reviews and cute pictures of her chubby marmalade cat…oh and, she’s British – rocks a great accent!l

drugstore com logoDrugstore: rather than brave the lines at Target, I opt for now when it comes to everyday beauty items (think swisspers, Q-tips, makeup remover, toothpaste etc.) A couple of the things I love about Drugstore – you can usually find a great discount, the site often has better-than-store prices, and shipping is super fast. Literally, get your stuff in 2 days. It is an easy site to search. Also, it is linked to that has a lot of dept store/higher end beauty and skincare brands…one shopping cart for both sites

abes-logoAbe’s Market: This last site is NEW to me and I have my friend Cristin to thank for introducing me to it. Abe’s Market is an awesome site that specializes in natural products. They have an amazing selection of natural beauty products…literally all the brands I’ve become familair with. They offer free shipping and seem to have regular discounts. This site seems like a ‘go to’ for any person who wants to buy their natural/organic products online and potentially avoid the craziness that can be Whole Foods on the weekend!

hukkster-logo1-e1366915531618Hukkster: I can’t remember how I came across this site – but I just used it to ‘flag’ a Chloe bag that there is a ice cubes chance in hell of me ever getting. BUT, the beauty  of Hukkster is, it will alert me if/when this item goes on sale. Which means, I don’t have to keep going back to look. If it hits the % off that I’m looking for, Hukkster will send me an alert. Beyond me “Hukking” things I probably won’t buy, it is actually a great way to monitor products that you know go on sale regularly and typically wait to buy until they are. Like my favorite Hanky Panky thongs – sold at a lot of dept stores. Hukkster helps me keep track of good deals! Download it!


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