makeup routine staple – rain or shine

Over the past year, I’ve worked something {new} and {permanent} into my makeup routine. Now – when people ask me: ‘what can’t you live without in your makeup routine?’ Rather than saying under-eye cover or mascara, I go right to this product.

What is it?

A strong SPF.

No, not the SPF 15 that’s pre-mixed in a foundation. That’s not enough. After a lot of research, SPF 30+ everyday is the way to go.

What do I use?
SPF 41 tinted broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen
By elta MD


The elta MD mineral sunscreen. 1 dollop of that on my foundation brush + 1 dollop of my mineral foundation and I am good-to-go.

Is it heavy?
No. And it mixes EASILY with your regular foundation or apply before your mineral powder. Sometimes, I even wear it by itself.

The elta MD sunscreen is good for even ‘extra’ sensitive and post-procedure skin.

How do I use?
I squeeze (a little less than) a dime size amount on my foundation brush and then squeeze my liquid mineral makeup on the brush too…and I apply the mixture to my face and neck. It blends perfectly.

it’s easy and now a staple in my makeup routine.

When it comes to helping prevent the signs of aging the #1 thing you should do is use a sunscreen everydamnday. Rain or shine. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. I wasn’t always good about this. But as someone who loves lotions/serums and fun products, this is one product that absolutely needs to be worked in if I truly want to take care of my skin. I love this sunscreen by elta MD because it doesn’t mess with my makeup and works seamlessly into my routine.

If you’re interested in purchasing: I grabbed mine at Bella Sante Spa in Boston OR click link or pic below:

Eltamd UV Physical SPF 41, 85-Gram

Happy Hump Day!


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