5 random things 

Commuting and blogging – my new favorite pairing.

Below are 5 random…unrelated things that I’m sharing today:  

1) This product in one word = classic. One of my fave pharmacy buys. I keep one in my purse at all times. Makes lashes full. Waterproof. #classicbeautybuy 

2) This t-shirt from Wildfox. Take me to my beach house. Like, right now. (Ps: I don’t have a beach house, I wish). Love Wildfox for funky and SUPER comfy lounge clothes. #loungeallday (if I could)  


3) Emily Kinney aka Beth from The Walking Dead (rip). Love her and her Insta feed. Love her recent post. #creativity #youngatheart



4) Last night – the whole family had ice cream for dinner. It was worth it. This is Midge and Howie eating their ice cream off a plate #finechina #icecreamfordinneriscool



5) And lastly, this. Sums it up 



Happy Hump Day! xo

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