Pharmacy faves

I hope it’s sunny where you are because it’s gloomy and damp here in Scituate, MA! BUT — it’s a good day for hanging on the couch. Side note/speaking of couch time: if you haven’t checked out Playing House on USA (Season 1 is currently On Demand) – do yourself a favor and tee it up some time soon…it’s hilarious!


Today, I want to share a list of my favorite pharmacy buys. I’m all for splurging on a great product – but there are definitely products at your nearby pharmacy that work just as well as pricier department store brands. See below for my top faves!

  • Dry shampoo: this product is a life saver when I’m running low on time and my hair needs a refresher.
    • Which brand: Sauve Professionals dry shampoo (<$5) is perfection. It’s not heavy – freshens up my hair and dulls grease. Overall, a few sprays to my hair-line/part and a bit of fluffing with my hands – and boom, hair looks clean and fresh again


  • Lip gloss: I own roughly 100 lip glosses/sticks/balms…it’s an addiction. Moisturized lips with a pop of color can literally work miracles on any look.
    • Which brand: Almay color + care liquid lip balm. (<$5) It has a nice silky texture and comes in a bunch of great colors. I have 3 different colors including a more red/bold and then a total neutral almost nude. It’s a great gloss that moisturizes lips and has a handy wand applicator


  • Shampoo/Conditioner: I love trying new hair products – but I cringe at the cost of some of the salon brands. $25-$30 for a bottle of shampoo or conditioner?! I have a lot of hair — so that can be an expensive habit. So, there’s nothing like finding an affordable product at CVS or Walgreens…that makes my hair look, feel, and smell nice
    • Which brand: Another Sauve product! But specifically, Sauve Professional’s Moroccan Infusion Shine line. (<$5) Makes my hair super soft. Smells lovely. Reminds me of the Moroccan Oil salon brand that tends to break the bank. I’ve also used the Sauve Moroccan Infusion conditioner as a shaving balm – totally random, but honestly, it works quite nicely!


  • Microwaveable Wax: I need to have wax on hand – be it for an eyebrow emergency or to get rid of upper lip hair. Waxing your face is never comfortable. But I like a hard wax that is easy to microwave, apply, and cleanly rip off.


  • Deodorant: Can’t leave home without it. People may not see it – but if you don’t wear it…they’ll know. Ohhh they’ll know. I go for deodorants with no parabens or aluminum. There are great ones at Whole Foods – but when I can’t get there, I opt for this pharmacy brand


  • Eyeliner: I don’t own as many eye liners as lip products – but this category is a close second. I have sensitive eyes – so it has to be something that doesn’t cause watering or itchiness. I prefer crank up liners vs. pencils because I don’t love to sharpen.
    • Which brandPhysician Formula eyeliner trio in Warm Nude. (<$12) I love this product because it comes in a pack of 3. Darker colors good for night – lighter good for day. They can be layered. Great for sensitive eyes. Smudgeproof.


What are your pharmacy faves??

Happy Friday round up 

Jeans are a ‘year round’ wardrobe staple. Dark, light, skinny, flare, boyfriend – so many styles. Thankfully, I can wear jeans to work which gives me more of a reason to own 5 too many pairs.

So, what’s the point here?

It’s to share a new (to me) pair of jeans that I picked up for the summer. They may appear to be nothin special – but these babies are SUPER soft and have a good stretch. They’re comfortable and flattering. They loosen up as you wear them but don’t bag out. I got mine a size down and they’re perfect. Not skin tight, and have a little give after I wear them for an hour or so. Once you wash em, they’ll tighten up again. Overall, great pair of pants that hit right at the ankle – perfect for sandals/flip flops/wedges. Also, wash isn’t too light (I find too light styles can make thighs look bigger – na thanks!).

Name: J brand jeans in Imagine

Buy em here: @Neimans


Next up, in a totally unrelated category – this new hair brush I bought off Amazon. It claims to help dry hair faster – because there are lil pieces of absorbent towel-like fabric between the bristles. I was skeptical, but I bought it. It lives up to its promise. It definitely helps get excess water out of my hair. I wouldn’t say it drastically changes my drying time – but it helps. Anything that minimizes the time I spent sweatin to the oldies in front of the hair dryer is good to me. See pic below of this funky brush.

Name: Goody QuickStyle 

Buy it here: Goody QuikStyle half round brush Color: Blue / Silver




Last thing – I’ve been in the market for a new protien bar for awhile. I realize many of these so called bars are closer to a candy bar than anything healthy. BUT, for me – if I can find one with the right ingredients and less sugar, I’m game. Because…if i have something like this in my purse, I’ll reach for it when I’m hungry rather than an office cookie or candy. By grabbing one of these vs. total junk, I save myself from going into a sugar spiral. Which is a classic Beth move. That’s when I start with one cookie or piece of candy and then think F%CK IT (I’ve already eaten crap) and just go bananas eating more. So, needless to say, these convenient bars often keep me on track during a busy work day. I’d heard a lot about ‘QUEST’ bars. I was skeptical. But through the magic of Amazon, I was able to order a variety box and get within 2 days so I could finally test out the hype. Well…let me tell you…they’re tasty. I got the chocolate variety pack – I didn’t hate any of the flavors but I LOVE the OREO and the COOKIE DOUGH the best.

What I like other than the taste: low sugar, gluten free (although I’m not a gluten free eater)

Now here is where I sound like a hypocrit – I don’t trust nor know all the ingredients in these bars. They have ‘natural flavors’ which is a red flag for lab created aka not from nature ingredients. I like these bars as a quick snack to keep me on track but I don’t allow myself more than 1 per day. And if you have the time or if you’re good at planning ahead, opt for some raw nuts or fresh fruit over any so called protien bar.

Name: Quest bar 

Buy em here: Quest Nutrition Protein Bar – Chocolate Lovers Variety Box of 12 (Packaging may vary)




Happy Friday!

Monday fast faves 

typing this on my phone / during my morning commute. So please excuse the typos 😉

So it’s Monday – you’re tired. You wanna look a bit more refreshed? You wanna fight the signs of fatigue and aging? Besides drinking water and getting some Zzzzzzs – work an eye cream into your routine. I have a few faves. The one I’m using these days below = Sunday Riley’s ‘Start Over’ active eye cream. Hydrating, de-puffing (can’t say anything has ever zapped my dark circles – other than sleep and concealer), great pump container.

Love this stuff. Find on 


Want a little color? Don’t you dare go tanning (if I had a time machine – I’d go back and yell to my 18 year old self). I’m a big fan of the Clarins self tanning line. Especially this stuff below. Clarins Liquid Bronze Self tanning milk. For face and neck. Natural color. I apply at night after I wash my face and before moisturizer- and I wake up with a bit of {natural} color.  Available at most major dept stores. I snagged mine @ Nordstrom. 

These L. Erickson hair elastics. I was just introduced (thanks, Diana!) to them and LOVE. They’re cute, hold my hair, don’t get tangled…great for loose or tight styles.  Got this pack @ Nordstrom for $10. A must have for your purse and beach bag this summer!  

This is the go-to soap for my gym bag. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. This is a handy travel size. It also comes in bar form. I love the lavender scent. It lathers nicely. I use the scentless version on the pups!  I snagged this @ Whole Foods.  

This pretty pink and super moisturizing gloss by Clarins. I swear by this when my lips are dry and I need a hint of color. Great tube size for your purse!  

Oh tinted moisturizer, you’re a must for summer. I’ve been loving this tinted moisturizer by Eve Lom since last summer. It has good coverage. I apply with the lovely, soft Eve Lom foundation brush.  And mix with my Elta MD SPF 41 (don’t forget xtra SPF!) 

That’s it for now! {Happy Monday!!}


Exfoliate your face…don’t be scared!

Let’s talk about exfoliating your skin. Your face. Really, let’s do it.

Some people don’t do it because they’re worried it’ll be too harsh and/or they have sensitive skin and they don’t want to disrupt it more. Certainly valid concerns! BUT I think exfoliating your face is a very important part of your regular skincare routine. As long as your skin isn’t raw or damaged, exfoliating is an important and effective way to remove dead skin cells so the new ones can turn over. As we get into the winter months, skin can get dry and/or dull, exfoliating can help combat some of the negative skin issues caused by changing temps & weather conditions.

Exfoliating is especially important as we age because skin re-generation slows over time. By exfoliating, we help to condition our skin, unclog pores, even skin tone, help with circulation, and promote healthy cell turn over.

If you’re new to exfoliating, I’d start with 1-2x per week. Start with PM exfoliating.

The # of times per week you should exfoliate also depends on what product you are using. I, for example, exfoliate at least every other day in the winter months using one of the below products. Everyone’s skin is different though, so if you’re not exfoliating now – start slow. “Over-exfoliating” is possible and can lead to skin damage. Whatever exfoliator you use – be gentle when you apply. Don’t press down hard. Use light circular motions while applying product and the product will do the rest.

CupcakesandNailpolish recommendation for good, “everyday” exfoliating products:

**With each – prep your skin by dampening it with warm water**


Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant

    • Grainy-er consistency that spreads easily
    • Comes in a travel-friendly, sanitary, tube container
    • More soothing with jojoba, rose hip, soy protein and cucumber ingredients
    • Appears to be paraben free
    • After rinsing this product off, use a light toner on a cotton pad to remove any access/left behind grains (I always find there are a few stragglers)
    • Price = $42.00 for 3.4 oz
    • Click to buy here –> Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant 3.4 oz
Fresh soy face exfoliat

Great everyday exfoliator – awesome slim tube, great for travel



Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

    • I’d consider the most (truly!) natural of the 3 options
      • Paraben free
    • Uses gentler yet effective sugar crystal as exfoliating mechanism. From the Suki site: crystals are hexagonal shaped with less extreme angles versus the square, sharp edges of salt that cut into the skin.
    • Love that this product gets a bit foamy so your skin feels extra pampered and also helps it rinse clear once you splash with warm water
    • I don’t love the pot container – if you get water in it, it liquefies the sugar – boo
    • Price = $32.95 for 4.0 oz.
    • Click to buy here –> suki exfoliate foaming cleanser


The most natural of the bunch. Natural but very effective and just a lovely product all-around. #sukiface #love

The most natural of the bunch. Natural but very effective and just a lovely product all-around. #sukiface #love



In my opinion, this is a stronger exfoliator using fruit enzymes and lactic acid:

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment


A bit stronger than the first 2 – Kate Somerville ExfoliKate is a great, hard working exfoliator



After exfoliating – I use a toner, apply a serum, and then apply moisturizer on top.

Skin will feel smooth & clean after this process!


I’m digging these thangs right now…

  • Colored/mirrored aviators. I see these on celebrities and fashionistas and I think “I need these.” In reality, I certainly don’t. But I think they look so summery-chic and fun. They add a pop of color to any outfit. If you’re in the market, click here
Beyonce sporting a pair of mirrored blue aviators

Beyonce sporting a pair of mirrored blue aviators

Hilary Duff sporting a pair of blue mirrored aviators

Hilary Duff sporting a pair of blueish mirrored aviators – hawt

  • @Home coffee AND espresso maker. We packed up our Keurig months ago…I was just over it. Now, we either use the french press or go to the local coffee shop (I love an early morning trip to the coffee shop!) But, recently, I’ve thought…wouldn’t it be nice to have an espresso maker? Then I could make myself a yummy spot of coffee and avoid the temptation that is half & half and raw sugar at the local coffee joint. But, we don’t really have the counter space for another appliance. That logistical detail aside, I came across the Nespresso Vertouline coffee & espresso maker at the mall a few weeks back. They were sampling coffee and espresso – I was mesmerized by this machine that makes delicious frothy coffee AND espresso. I wanted this “all in one” machine…alas, I didn’t want to fork over $200+ so I went on my merry way. But, I still think about this little gem. If you’re in the market, check it out here
Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee and Espresso maker - the ultimate caffiene machine

Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee and Espresso maker – the ultimate caffiene machine

  • K Kane Jewelry – I’ve been obsessed with it for awhile now. I recently got a necklace from her monogram line. I adore it. I’ve been pining over her new ring line. Simple yet unique designs. The ring will run you around $250 but would make a lovely gift for a special someone. Check it out here
Gawd, I love K Kane's designs

Gawd, I love K Kane’s designs

  • Jane Iredale tinted moisturizer. I’m not in the market for a new tinted moisturizer, I’ve been using Vitalumiere Aqua by Chanel and digging it. However, the other day I sampled Jane Iredale’s and really liked it. It’s light – paraben free – perfect for summer. Although it doesn’t have a heavy SPF (only 15) it at least offers some sun protection. Check it out here
Jane Iredale Dream Tint SPF 15 tinted moisturizer - I'm medium

Jane Iredale Dream Tint SPF 15 tinted moisturizer – I’m medium light…love

  • This robe by In Bloom by Jonquil. I have a pair of pajamas by this line – the material is super silky soft. I love the colors in this robe and picture myself getting ready in it each morning. Alas, I don’t really need another PJ item…but dang, isn’t this pretty? Check it out here. *In Bloom also makes some lovely bridal lingere and robes
I want you robe, I want you!

I want you robe, I want you!

  • This eye mask by GLAMGLOW. I got a sample in a gift bag – it definitely feels soothing on my eyes. My eyes are my “trouble zone” since I’ve been squinting since birth.  I hope to find another sample soon – because a $60 eye mask isn’t in the cards right now. Click here to check it out
GLAMGLOW "brightmud" eye tired eyes need ya

GLAMGLOW “brightmud” eye treatment…my tired eyes need ya