Exfoliate your face…don’t be scared!

Let’s talk about exfoliating your skin. Your face. Really, let’s do it.

Some people don’t do it because they’re worried it’ll be too harsh and/or they have sensitive skin and they don’t want to disrupt it more. Certainly valid concerns! BUT I think exfoliating your face is a very important part of your regular skincare routine. As long as your skin isn’t raw or damaged, exfoliating is an important and effective way to remove dead skin cells so the new ones can turn over. As we get into the winter months, skin can get dry and/or dull, exfoliating can help combat some of the negative skin issues caused by changing temps & weather conditions.

Exfoliating is especially important as we age because skin re-generation slows over time. By exfoliating, we help to condition our skin, unclog pores, even skin tone, help with circulation, and promote healthy cell turn over.

If you’re new to exfoliating, I’d start with 1-2x per week. Start with PM exfoliating.

The # of times per week you should exfoliate also depends on what product you are using. I, for example, exfoliate at least every other day in the winter months using one of the below products. Everyone’s skin is different though, so if you’re not exfoliating now – start slow. “Over-exfoliating” is possible and can lead to skin damage. Whatever exfoliator you use – be gentle when you apply. Don’t press down hard. Use light circular motions while applying product and the product will do the rest.

CupcakesandNailpolish recommendation for good, “everyday” exfoliating products:

**With each – prep your skin by dampening it with warm water**


Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant

    • Grainy-er consistency that spreads easily
    • Comes in a travel-friendly, sanitary, tube container
    • More soothing with jojoba, rose hip, soy protein and cucumber ingredients
    • Appears to be paraben free
    • After rinsing this product off, use a light toner on a cotton pad to remove any access/left behind grains (I always find there are a few stragglers)
    • Price = $42.00 for 3.4 oz
    • Click to buy here –> Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant 3.4 oz
Fresh soy face exfoliat

Great everyday exfoliator – awesome slim tube, great for travel



Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

    • I’d consider the most (truly!) natural of the 3 options
      • Paraben free
    • Uses gentler yet effective sugar crystal as exfoliating mechanism. From the Suki site: crystals are hexagonal shaped with less extreme angles versus the square, sharp edges of salt that cut into the skin.
    • Love that this product gets a bit foamy so your skin feels extra pampered and also helps it rinse clear once you splash with warm water
    • I don’t love the pot container – if you get water in it, it liquefies the sugar – boo
    • Price = $32.95 for 4.0 oz.
    • Click to buy here –> suki exfoliate foaming cleanser


The most natural of the bunch. Natural but very effective and just a lovely product all-around. #sukiface #love

The most natural of the bunch. Natural but very effective and just a lovely product all-around. #sukiface #love



In my opinion, this is a stronger exfoliator using fruit enzymes and lactic acid:

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment


A bit stronger than the first 2 – Kate Somerville ExfoliKate is a great, hard working exfoliator



After exfoliating – I use a toner, apply a serum, and then apply moisturizer on top.

Skin will feel smooth & clean after this process!


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