Quick Beauty Tip #2: Swisspers

Quick Beauty Tip #2

Removing eye make up or blending un-even make up can be an annoying part of your beauty routine. My go-to for removing eye make up or blending over-done blush or bronzer = Swisspers

They are essentially, round, flat, cotton pads. Nothing crazy, right? There are other brands out there (other than ‘Swisspers’). For some reason, I always pick up this brand. They’re available at most pharmacies – and I’ve even seen them at The Christmas Tree Shoppe.

Why not a wash cloth? Or cotton balls?

  • I’m lazy, I don’t like to do laundry. I’d rather throw out the dirty cotton rounds when I am done. No, I’m not helping the environment with this one
  • Cotton balls…ohhhh how I hate them. Little lint pieces get stuck on my eye lashes…then sometimes it gets into my eye and I’m blinded for a good 5 minutes. I like the rounds because they stay together, no lint worries!
  • They blend make up well,  and they’re cheaper than the make up sponges that get nnnasty dirty

These are easy and cheap! They’re also great for applying toner. Here they are: http://www.drugstore.com/swisspers-cotton-rounds/qxp163198

Quick Beauty Tip #1: cleaning make up brushes

Quick beauty tip #1

To avoid break outs on your face…clean your make up brushes regularly. Especially, your bronzer brush (which usually is swept all over the face)! I try to clean mine once a month.

Beyond cleaning the old make up and bacteria off, which can cause break outs. Cleaning, freshens your brushes and extends their life! I can’t tell you how many times I bought a new brush because I thought my ‘old’ one looked gross.

It is easy to do, and no need to buy fancy brush cleaner. You can wash with J&J Baby Shampoo! It is gentle, but effective in cleaning off brush heads. All you need to do is wet the brush head, pour a dab of shampoo on, and gently lather up the brush. Rinse the brush head clean, then air dry. I usually rest my drying brushes on a paper towel. Depending on the size of the brush it could take a day for the brush to dry, but it’s worth it.

OH AND – I don’t bother with the big size bottle of the J&J shampoo. I get the mini travel size so it fits into my make up bag, or drawer easily. It’s about $0.99 cents at Target or CVS and lasts awhile since you only need a dot to clean a brush