Quick Beauty Tip #1: cleaning make up brushes

Quick beauty tip #1

To avoid break outs on your face…clean your make up brushes regularly. Especially, your bronzer brush (which usually is swept all over the face)! I try to clean mine once a month.

Beyond cleaning the old make up and bacteria off, which can cause break outs. Cleaning, freshens your brushes and extends their life! I can’t tell you how many times I bought a new brush because I thought my ‘old’ one looked gross.

It is easy to do, and no need to buy fancy brush cleaner. You can wash with J&J Baby Shampoo! It is gentle, but effective in cleaning off brush heads. All you need to do is wet the brush head, pour a dab of shampoo on, and gently lather up the brush. Rinse the brush head clean, then air dry. I usually rest my drying brushes on a paper towel. Depending on the size of the brush it could take a day for the brush to dry, but it’s worth it.

OH AND – I don’t bother with the big size bottle of the J&J shampoo. I get the mini travel size so it fits into my make up bag, or drawer easily. It’s about $0.99 cents at Target or CVS and lasts awhile since you only need a dot to clean a brush

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