A random post about hand cream…and a long lunch hour


I’m loving roses lately…this is a funky pic I took of a rose on Valentines Day – artsy, right? 😉

Today…wait for it…I got a lunch hr…a legit lunch break for the first time in a long time. I.got.to.leave.the.building. WOW! (welcome to the life & times of an ad agency, folks).

I decided to really live it up so I spent my time at the Neimans beauty counter…where else would I spend it? Seriously. For me, it’s therapeutic to walk around the store…testing, examining, and smelling all the products. I rarely feel pressured to buy anything but often walk away with a lipgloss…my one serious beauty “vice.” I have pouches, drawers, and purses full of em…but whatever, they’re typically less than $20 so I go for it. There are worse things, right?!

Anyways, today was especially nice because it’s been awhile since I’ve walked the Neimans beauty/fragrance section. They have some unique brands to discover. I came across a (new to me) brand called Aerin. Aerin was started by Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of the fabulous Estee Lauder. If you look Aerin up on Wikipedia – the first line is: “American billionaire and business woman.” Dang. I was intrigued by her beauty line…according to the Dailymail.com:

  • Aerin was launched in 2011, first as a beauty collection and then later branching out to offer home furnishings, decor, and accessories. 
  • The lifestyle label is said to have been established with the hope of encroaching on some of Tory Burch’s polished, feminine-ware-seeking clientele. If offers the same look, with a more understated, sophisticated feel. 
  • Aerin (Lauder) has been a longtime staple in the society pages of Vogue. She is so closely tied to the magazine that Anna Wintour helped provide guidance on her namesake label’s launch.
  • The company’s products are sold at premium retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, and Neiman Marcus. Many of its items are priced in the high-end range – like $950 jewelry boxes and $10,000 bookshelves. 
  • Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2509465/Estee-Lauders-heiresses-Aerin-Jane-officially-declared-billionaires.html#ixzz2v1kpF5YN 

So, I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying any of her furniture any time soon – but today, one of the products in her beauty line really grabbed me. Lately, I’ve been all about ROSE…the subtle smell…from rose lip balm to candles, I’m just loving it. Aerin makes a hand & body cream that has a nice subtle rose scent. Not overpowering. I put a little on my hands at the store and loved the texture…sunk right in, moisturized well, with no greasy after-feel. Although the tube goes for $40 (yowza), I pictured it on my desk at work. I pictured using it during the day and enjoying the nice rosey scent. And I’m always a fan of the tube because you can get every last drop out…and it’s travel friendly and more hygienic.


Aerin rose hand & body cream…find it at Neimans or Nordstrom

So, cutting to the case, did I buy it? Actually, no. Maybe another day. But I wanted to share THE FIND. It’s a lovely product. I also think it’s a good idea to keep a hand cream at your desk, especially during the winter when hands can get really rough and dry. No, you don’t need to spend $40 on a tube of hand lotion, that’s for sure. But, if you’re looking for a nice tube…may I suggest the Rose Hand and Body Cream by Aerin…I don’t think it’d disappoint. My hope is…if I ever do get my hands on a tube…I’ll use it at my desk…and it’ll evoke daydreams of hour long lunches @ Neimans…and hanging out with billionaire business women who have unlimited access to beauty products and the halls of Vogue.

AaaaaCHOooo…winter cold? Read here for some remedies, treatments, and just plain treats

I’ve been a little under the weather this week and it’s given my a lot of time to think…and try (although it’s against my always-on-the-go nature) to relax and rest so I can kick this cold. I’ve found myself making a list in my head of my favorite, some new and some old, cold treatments (or shall I say, cold accessories?). These aren’t your typical treatments or remedies…but I thought, since cold season seems to be in full swing, that I’d share:

A good lip scrub and hydrator

  • Coughing and sneezing leads to repeat tissue usage…I try to reach for the extra soft kind, but sometimes they’re not at arms reach. By the end of a long day, both my nose and lips are chapped and red from all the wiping and blowing. Sick. During my latest cold, it got so bad that my lips started to peel, yowza. I needed 2 things…1. Something that would get off the dead skin without hurting my lips more 2. Something that would smooth out my lips and take away the rough appearance. I’ve been using these 2 gems and totally recommend them for complete healing. Hey, you could even use them if your lips just need a good cold weather treatment:
      1. “The Lip Scrub” by Sara Happ: $24 @ Dermstore, I like Vanilla Bean. It’s simple to use, grab a dot from the tub, rub in light circular motions on lips (and I did a little buffing around my mouth too, since skin was chapped above my lips). Buff, buff, buff – then wipe gently with a tissue. On a side note, this stuff tastes lovely as it’s sugar based. This scrub buffs right off those dead skin pieces so you can create a smooth canvas for a good lip treatment!
        • PS: I actually got this scrub as a gift from my friend, Robyn – THANK YOU, BINNY!! Maaaarvelous find

          Sara Happ "the lip scrub" in brown sugar. comes in a bunch of different flavors!

          Sara Happ “the lip scrub” in brown sugar. comes in a bunch of different flavors!

      2. Derma/e Hydrating Lip Repair With Hyaluronic Acid: $14.50 @ Dermstore, also sold at Whole Foods. Seriously, nothing was working…even some heavier balms I had in my beauty drawer of tricks. So, I got this wonderous tube at Whole Foods. I like that I don’t have to reach my finger into a pot for this…and it’s travel friendly. I squeeze a bit of the white cream onto my finger and rub on my lips. It takes a moment or so to sink in. At first, I was skeptical that this was enough to really hydrate. But the hyaluronic acid really helps and seals in the moisture. I found that this REALLY WORKS. And I’ve only had to re-apply a couples times during the day, bravo!

        derma e hydrating lip repair with Hyaluronic acid - a lip saver!

        derma e hydrating lip repair with Hyaluronic acid – a lip saver

Intense face balm (that won’t do anything crazy to my skin)

Oh my red nose, it’s a dead give away that I’m sick. And then, it starts peeling and I look like something out Silence of the Lambs. Sick. I tried a few different things and it just.wasn’t.getting.better. Well, after a reco from someone at a Health Food store in nearby Quincy, MA, I bought a pot of Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic. I’ve heard of this stuff…I like that it has minimal ingredients. No petroleum. So I put it on. Rubbed it all over my nose and above my lip. It’s shiny, don’t get me wrong. But it sinks in. I’ve found that it moisturizes well – takes away the flakes, calms the redness. I’ve applied it a couple times a day. Ahhh relief…it is really a lovely product. And according to their site and many reviewers, it can be used daily and has many benefits including, healing very dry skin, soothing red/itchy/sunburnt skin, repairs minor cuts/scrapes/burns, and improves skin tone and texture.

  • Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic: $30 @ iHerb.com (note, I’ve never ordered from this site) or, you can find a some Whole Foods
    • Full list of ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, organic honey, propolis extract, bee pollen, royal jelly
Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic...working wonders on chapped skin

Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic…working wonders on chapped skin

Tea, and more tea

Of course pushing fluids is key when you’re under the weather…and tea is magic when you’re sick. It’s warm, comforting…the steam helps you breath easier. I’ve been rotating between a couple caffeine-free Yogi teas and this lovely bedtime tea by Pukka Herbs that I found at Whole Foods. I’ve found that my symptoms kick up at night – so this tea has helped me relax a bit and lull off to sleep. And yea, I’ve had to pee during the night, but it’s helped to go and feel like I’m flushing the system. I envision peeing out the sick…is that weird? Whatever makes you feel better, right?!

  • Pukka tea in Nighttime: ~$5 at Whole Foods
    • Ingredients: Oat flower (30%), licorice root, chamomile flower, lavender flower (14%), lime flower (10%), valerian root, tulsi leaf
Pukka night time tea...organic, yummy, makes you zzzz

Pukka night time tea…organic, yummy, makes you zzzz


Comfy PJs

I really think comfy PJs are an imperative. A couple times this past week, I came home from work and felt so sick I just wanted to fall asleep in my work clothes because it was easier than changing. Sad. Well, instead, I forced myself to take the 3 minutes and change out of my tight and layered work clothes, to comfy PJs. I’ve always loved Victoria’s Secret Afterhours Satin PJs. But, I’ve found a new brand that I’m in love with. A bit on the priceier side, but I splurged on a set over Christmas with some Christmas money I had. Wildfox pants and comfy top. Softest fabric ever. like nothing else I’ve felt. And they also look quite cute…I feel pretty damn fly in them even when my nose is peeling.

Material is 47% polyester, 47% rayon, 6% spandex.

Technically not ‘PJs’ – you can wear them out and about, running errands, to the gym, as a beach cover up etc. Just a few ways to justify the cost. But damn, I can’t dress enough how comfy they are.

big fan of this brand - especially their quirky tops and t's that have fun sayings on the front

big fan of this brand – especially their quirky tops and t’s that have fun sayings on the front

All-natural meds

Another recommendation I got – and I’ve popped a couple a day is for KOLD KARE. I can’t vouch for ingredients. It’s all herbal. But I can say, I’ve used it for the alst 2 days and I’ve noticed improvement in my symptoms. Worth a try.

no frills cold care by Kold Kare

no frills cold care by Kold Kare

A treat

With my appetite all over the place and my temp a’ rising…for some reason, I just wanted a cool treat. My tum doesn’t always appreciate ice cream – so instead, my husband and I opted for the frozen hot chocolate at Coffee Break in Quincy, MA. If there isn’t a place near you that makes this treat – below is a recipe so you can make at home! I opted for soy milk vs. dairy milk in mine. If I made at home, I’d probably use almond milk. Yes, this treat isn’t low in sugar – but dang, it made me feel better. And I wanted a cool treat (even though its cool outside) between my headache and sweats, it was SOOOOTHING


Those are just a couple of my out of the box rememdies. Do you have anything good?? Please share!

Hello Black Friday! 10 Holiday gift ideas

In honor of Black Friday – I thought I’d round up some holiday gift ideas. Although I’m avoiding “real” Black Friday shopping (at least for now while I write this post, watch Mrs. Doubtfire, and eat candy corn in bed) – today is a good day to find a deal. And the beauty of modern day Black Friday is that you don’t have to leave your house to get a deal. Especially with so many retailers offering free shipping! To sniff out online deals, I always suggest checking out RetailMeNot.com prior to making any online purchase – 9 out of 10 times I find a deal through this site.

Below is a list of 10 gift ideas – for spouse, parent, friend, lover, you name it. Price points vary and I tried to put the full price below but I bet you can find a discount, especially this time of year! Hopefully, you catch some gift-spiration below!

  • Silk pillowcase(s) ($150.00 for a set of 2 @ Lovasilk.com). A full set of high quality silk sheets would be expensive – so why not give someone the gift of silk to lay their head on? Not only does silk feel divine to sleep on (ahhh, who doesn’t love a nice cool pillow?)…it also has functional benefits including being easier on your skin than regular fabrics, which can mean reduced facial lines. And, it is easier on your hair. I recommend Lovasilk for high quality (25mm) silk pillow cases. And to read more on the benefits of silk – click here. Perfect gift for the guy or gal who likes to be pampered.
Midge (momentarily) enjoying the silk pillowcase

Midge (momentarily) enjoying a snooze on the silk pillowcase

  • Clarisonic Mia – ($125.00 @ Sephora/but check Amazon too). Oh the Clarisonic (the “electric toothbrush for your face”) – this baby sits on my bathroom counter calling to me each night. This handy beauty tool is a staple in many spas as well. The Clarisonic has been around for some time now – and comes in a smaller travel size, which I love. The Mia is perfect for everyday. You replace the brush every 2-3 months. I go with the “delicate” brush. The Clarisonic does an amazing job cleaning your skin – removing make up and dead skin cells without irritating. It is a handy tool and you can use your normal face cleanser with it. It is also great to travel with and has a long battery life once charged up. Great for someone who likes to spice up their beauty routine OR visit the spa
The handy dandy Clarisonic Mia

The handy dandy Clarisonic Mia

  • Electric wine opener ($39.99 @ Macy’s) – we registered for this for our wedding. I never really knew how handy this baby is until I opened my first bottle of wine with it. It comes with a foil cutter which is super fast and easy. The actual wine opener part is FUN to use. It takes the cork out of the bottle in less than 30 seconds and spits the cork out. It makes getting into a bottle of wine easy & fast. Great hostess gift!
Waring Pro Electric wine opener. once-you-use-it-can't-live-without-it-bar-accessory

Waring Pro Electric wine opener. once-you-use-it-can’t-live-without-it-bar-accessory

  • Aromatherapy Diffuser (Sharper Image Aromatherapy Diffuser; $59.99 @ Sharper Image) don’t get me wrong, I love candles. This is a great gift for a candle lover. And the added bonus is it uses essential oils to fragrance the air. You can find great, all natural essential oils at Whole Foods – think eucalyptus, lavender, etc. A couple drops of an essentail oil and some water in this diffuser and the air will be smelling soothing and clean
Sharper Image Aromatherapy Diffuser

Sharper Image Aromatherapy Diffuser

  •  Satin Pajamas ($59.99 @ Victoria Secret) – I LOVE these satin PJs by VS. They are silky soft and although they cover you up, they are still cute. I wear them winter and summer…because they are loose fitting enough for warm weather (no need for sheets!) but also warm up nicely against my skin under the covers in the winter. VS has a lot of different colors and patterns. These might look familiar because The Kardashain’s often sport them on the show! Great for the gal who loves to lounge
Ahh I love this pic. These are my bridesmaids in their VS satin PJs. Love it!

Ahh I love this pic. These are my bridesmaids in their VS satin PJs. Love it!

  • French press (Bonjour Maximus 8-cup French press, $49.95 @ William Sonoma) – I always thought this thing would be too complicated to brew coffee in until we bought one at William Sonoma. A couple scoops of your favorite ground coffee, pour boiling water over, let sit, then drop in the lid/press and BAM delicious coffee. You can control the brew strength. Great gift for the coffee lover. Pair with some nice ground coffee such as Starbuck’s Christmas Blend (they’ll gorund the beans in store for you!)
my first experience with a french press was on our honeymoon. Pairs well with a chocolate croissant ;)

my first experience with a french press was on our honeymoon. Pairs well with a chocolate croissant 😉

  • Travel tea mug/infuser (Bodum Stainless Steal Travel Press/Mug, $34.50 @ DavidsTea) – I’m big into tea lately, the loose leaf kind. I feel like I’m conducting a mini science experiement when I pick out my tea, measure it into my mug, and let it seep to perfection. I try to replace my afternoon coffee with tea to avoid additional caffeine. Also, there are so many yummy tea flavors from fruity to floral…it’s a great treat with no calories. This mug travels well and keeps tea hot. Great for the commuter/tea lover!
Bodum travel tea mug @ DavidsTea

Bodum travel tea mug @ DavidsTea

  • Faux Fur throw blanket (Donna Salyer’s Fabulous Furs, Mahogany Mink Faux Fur Throw starts @ $329.00 – join the email list to get 20% off your first purchase!) – we were given this throw a couple winter’s ago, now, it is a couch staple. It is super soft and luxiorous. Perfect for cuddling under or falling aasleep with. It is such a nice, heavy, super soft blanket – a perfect couch accessory.
the cream of the throw  blanket crop

the cream of the throw blanket crop

  • NutriBullet by Magic Bullet ($99.99 @ Macy’s) I first tried the bullet a couple years ago after getting sick of my full size blender which was a pain to clean. I love this small serving blender. I love that it makes the perfect smoothies and I can take the cup on the road. I throw my protein smoothie ingrendients in this and within 30 seconds, boom, its done and I’m out the door. Clean up is easy! Beyond smoothies, you can make dips, shakes, salsa etc. it’s a great appliance to have around and the size means it takes up minimal counter/cabinet space. Great for the gym-goer, or someone with a smaller kitchen who loves gadgets but might not have the space
Nutribullet by Magic Bullet

Nutribullet by Magic Bullet

  • TRX Home Suspension Training Kit ($199.95 full price) – TRX is a phenomal work out. Now, you can bring it into your house. When it gets cold and harder to get ot the gym – this baby will help give you a great work out without leaving the house. And there are so many YouTube videos showing you how to do different TRX work outs. You can get a true full body work out with this. And it takes up minimal space! Great for stretching as well. Great gift for the work out enthusiast or even someone who travels and wants to have a work out “in a bag” that they can do in their room
Binny and I TRXin' with more than enough space to spare!

Binny and I TRXin’ with more than enough space to spare!

Hey Labor Day! Read on for Beach Bag Essentials

Ahhh Labor Day weekend. Some folks call it the ‘last weekend of the summer’ but most of us New Englander’s know that we probably have a few more weeks left of summer weather. It is really a toss-up around here. it could be 80 degrees in Oct or blustery cold. Either way, I never give into the ‘last weekend of summer’ mentality. Other than the fact that I try to take advantage of going someplace fun and summery for the long weekend.

Although most of us have already used our beach bag a few times this season – below is a list of beach bag essentials. These are the ‘must have’ items I keep in my beach bag. Don’t get me wrong, there are often a lot of other extras thrown in there – but these are the items I can’t go without. Hopefully, this list will help you pack ya bag this weekend and ensure you don’t forget anything so you can lounge all day long!

ahhh Cape Cod summer, love it. Looks like we have an beach over-packer here

ahhh Cape Cod summer, love it. Looks like we have an beach over-packer here

  • BEACH BAG – rather than use an old purse or dump out your gym bag, it makes sense to have a bag just for the beach. Then, you don’t have to worry about the lingering sand or trying to re-pack your gym bag once the work week rolls around. I go for the durable tote. Screw zippers. Screw backpacks. I want a bag with a wide open top so I can plunge right in and grab my stuff
    • I love the good ole LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag with the open top. It comes in a variety of sizes should you be carrying for a family or just yourself. I like the Medium size tote.
      • There are a few different colors to choose from. I like the traditional navy with the cream colored body, very nautical! And you can get it monogrammed (makes a great gift!)
      • Medium size tote is $26.95 with always free shipping

        the tried & true LL Bean beach tote

        the tried & true LL Bean beach tote

  • BEACH TOWEL – I’ve been known to grab one of my own bath towels for the beach. But let’s be honest, that’s a no no. Invest in an actual beach towel. One that’s long and colorful and just for the beach. And seriously, you don’t want to forget a towel…be it for drying off after a swim, to wipe the extra sunscreen off your hands, or to have something to lay out on, it’s an essential
    • You can buy one anywhere and certainly don’t need to go the fancy route. But, if you’re looking for a good quality towel – I’d point you towards LL Bean, once again!
      • The LL Bean Seaside beach towel is large, dries fast, and comes in some cute designs
      • For $29.50 it will last you years. It’s a great towel that you can just keep in your beach bag all year
  • SUNCREEN FOR FACE & BODY – this is a must have. I always feel bad borrowing other people’s sunscreen – no matter where you get it, it’s expensive and you need a good amount to cover your body. So, invest in your own tube and keep it in your bag. I use one kind for my face and one kind for my body
    • My favorite brand is Coola. It is a little bit of a splurge but I got a sample of this sunscreen and I love it. To me, I don’t mind spending the extra dough to protect my skin. Coola products are free of parabens, phthalates, and petroleum. Work great on sensitive skin. My two faves:
      • For body: The Coola SPF 45 Sport Classic Sunscreen – Mango scent. Comes in a convenient, snap-top tube. Love that I can squeeze every last bit out
      • For face: The Coola SPF 30 Face Classic Sunscreen – Unscented. Comes in a convenient, pump top tube with a cover
  • LIP BALM/SUNCREEN – I’m separating this from the above because it’s important to call out on its own. A regular balm might not do the trick. A sticky lip gloss isn’t the right fit for the beach either. You want something that’s moisturizing to keep your mouth comfortable in the sun, salt, and sand. You also want a sunscreen to protect this tender area
    • My favorite brand is Coola (surprise!). I love this balm-like stick! It’s a twist up stick with a solid cover. Super moisturizing
      • For lips: The Coola Liplux SPF 15 – vanilla peppermint scent. I also like this because it doesn’t have color and my husband can borrow it. He usually forgets this beach bag staple!
      • $12 @ Dermstore
  • BEACH COVER UP – If it’s walking back to the car or walking to get a snack, I want a cover up I can quickly throw on. Something that goes on easy and isn’t tight.  It also has to be something that really covers me up – not something with large holes or only touches the top of my thighs. I want to be able to walk into 7/11 without getting kicked out
    • One of my favorite cover ups is by Splendid. It’s terry cloth so a great fabric for the beach. Flattering cut but not too form fitting/tight. One piece, so easy to split on.  Light weight but also covers what you need to cover. The last one I got has lasted 2 summers
    • Splendid Circus Terry Cover Up $95 @ Piperlime 
  • CUTE HAT – everyone looks better with a tan. Lets face it. But wrinkles suck. Especially on your face. So I always use sunscreen on my face now and keep a hat in my bag if I’m going to be out in the sun for hours at a time. This ensures my face doesn’t get too much sun. Hey, that’s what bronzer is for!
    • A hat is a hat…I like a looser fitting baseball hat or, if you want something more girly – I wore the below on my honeymoon (my husband kept calling me his ‘great aunt pearl’) – but I thought it was fashionable
      • White (beachy!), floppy, durable, and comfortable: by Helen Kaminski Istria Canvas Sun hat
      • On sale right now @ Nordstrom for $65.66

        me in my Helen Kaminski Canvas Sun hat on our honeymoon last October <3

        me in my Helen Kaminski Canvas Sun hat on our honeymoon last October ❤

Couple other good to haves:

  • Small brush to quickly/easily brush out knots. love this one available at Drugstore
  • Big bottle of water. If you don’t have your own re-usable travel bottle (this is one of my faves by Lifefactory) – I’m a big fan of the Smart Water 1 liter size for the beach. Literally, a torpedo that fits well into your bag and is a good amount of water!
  • Couple snacks – I prefer grapes (because they’re good warm or cold) and nuts (ya, protein!). Pack a couple healthy snacks so you have something to munch on. Never a good idea to be hungry in the sun or rely totally on the beach snack bar 😉
  • Hair elastics – any kind will do. Although my all time favorite is The Twistband…won’t pull or rip hair
  • Last but not least, but definitely an essential – a good READ! There is only so much talking, beach volleyball, snacking, swimming, and lounging you can do! I always love to have a good read on hand. May I suggest this book by Ann Patchett called, State of Wonder
    • A fun read. adventurous story. great writing. click the link to get the synopsis. I read this book in 1 weekend, it was hard to put down!

      State of Wonder By Ann Patchett - Excellent beach read...or anytime read!

      State of Wonder By Ann Patchett – Excellent beach read…or anytime read!

An ode to Hanky Panky…thongs

If I didn’t catch you with the name ‘Hanky Panky’ – I’m hoping I reeled you in with the word thong? Who doesn’t love a thong?

Ok, I’m sure there are plenty of ladies out there who don’t like this undergarment. It brings to mind the uncomfortable feeling of a wedgy? Well, if you fall into this bucket – please don’t turn away yet. Because, this overview/ode to the world’s best thong, that is the Hanky Panky (HPs) brand, may change your perspective.

A pair of Hanky Panky's in Low Rise. Color: Lapis Blue

A pair of Hanky Panky’s in Low Rise. Color: Lapis Blue

I don’t know when I first found out about these underwear. I remember seeing them, lacey, colorful, and individually wrapped on the countertops of many boutiques. The $18-$20 price tag (per pair) always freaking me the heck out. Somehow, I got my hands on a pair…(potentially given to me as a gift?). I was skeptical. But then I tried them…and realized these underwear are worth the hype and extra investment – why?:

  • They DO NOT stretch out. Ever. I have had many a cute pairs of undies that have stretched out over time. But never my HPs. The years come and go – my butt grows and shrinks (depending on the season) – but my HPs, they always fit
  • They don’t rip or tear. How many times have I ripped a hole in my Victoria’s Secret lace undies with a sharp finger nail? It happens more than it should. But my HPs do not rip or tear, ever
  • I never bother washing them separately – even if they tell ya to. I throw em in the laundry with everything and they never come out any different
  • They will last you years, yes years. I have thrown away almost all other underwear I’ve owned – all my HPs have lived on
  • Most importantly, they are super super comfortable. I don’t even know I’m wearing them when they’re on. And because they are lace, they rest snug against your skin – which means no VPL (visible panty line). Unlike other thongs that tend to dig in in all the wrong places (you know what I mean) – HPs never do
  • They typically come ‘one size fits all’ and because they’re made of this amazing, soft, stretchy fabric, they truly do fit a variety of sizes. But, they also make them in Plus size and Petite now!
  • Oh and how did I forget, the are super cute. Very cute. Lacey and soft – you’ll never be embarrassed to be caught in them
  • They come in low, mid, and regular rise. I stick with the low rise so I don’t have to worry about them ever peeking over my pant line!
Howie modeling a couple new pairs of HPs. Have we gone too far here? I think not. Howie got a treat for this easy modeling job.

Howie modeling a couple new pairs of HPs. Have we gone too far here? I think not. Howie got a treat for this easy modeling job.

So, you may say, I still wouldn’t never ever pay $20 for 1 pair of underwear. Well fine, I can understand that. BUT, what I do is wait for these babies to go on sale*. Which they often do at major dept stores (i.e Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor etc.). They also occasionally have sales through Gilt or Rue La La which I literally mark my calendar for. That’s how I got my latest batch. I got a gift certificate “pay $60 get $100 for HankypPanky.com.” Buy yourself a pair and try them out. I promise you will not be disappointed.

*Speaking of tracking sales, I just found out about this site called Hukkster. Once you put the “Hukk It” button on your bookmarks bar, you can tag different items online and be alerted if/when they go on sale. I have HPs on alert all ova’ the web. Check out this site!

At the end of the day us ladies don’t need 100 pairs of underwear, that’s madness. If you start a collection of higher quality, comfortable undergarments, over time, you’ll have a nice batch. You won’t regret spending the extra money because they’ll last a long time & make you feel GOOD!

So, will you try them?? Or,