Beth’s Top Cupcakes 2011

I realized, I haven’t posted my favorite cupcake places. I’ll keep this short and sweet, pardon the pun.  Below are my top cupcake shops…by region! I won’t go into too much details as to why I love these places…just believe me, they have all have a variety of cupcakes, and they are all DELICIOUS. Many shops did not make the cut.






  • Lulu’s Bake Shoppe in the North End, my old and beloved neighborhood!:
    • Adorable, mom-&-pop-type shop, with creative flavors of cupcakes such as salted chocolate caramel. Lulu’s focuses more on taste than decorative cupcakes. This is my all-time fave cupcake spot. My most recent favorite cupcake = cookie dough
  • Sweet on Newbury St. and in Downtown Crossing:
    • I can spot one of these cupcakes from afar, with their signature super-swirl of frosting. I love the red velvet…and the minis (the top pic was taken at he originl Sweet on Comm. Ave.)




  • Crumbs:
    • Devastated they haven’t made it to Boston, yet. But this shop makes yummy cupcakes with super generous candy toppings


  • Binny’s Bites:
    • This girl can bake anything…she can go above and beyond cupcakes. But, I have to say, she’s on the top of my cupcake list. She made me these deliciously fudgy, super cupcakes for my 26th birthday…the top was cake, as well as the bottom. It was drizzled in this light sugary frosting with chunky sugar crystals…just look – beautiful & delicious: