CC&NP Restaurant review: Steel & Rye, Milton, MA.

My pants would tend to agree that I should probably take a break from the dining-out circuit, at least for this week. That aside, my husband and I have been lucky enough to try some really tasty restaurants lately. Our meal this past Saturday night was certainly worth sharing a review on!

The Scene:

We decided to try Steel & Rye in Lowers Mills Milton, MA (link below to website). A few different people had suggested this place for dinner – not sure why it took us so long to try! We live in Dorchester and are always looking for nearby yet outside of the city dining options.

According to my Dad, this place used to be an old ambulance bay. You can tell by the high/industrial ceilings that it used to be something along those lines.

As we drove up I noticed the hanging lights on the outdoor patio and the glass windows that allow you to see into the perfectly lit space. I was surprised to see how big it is. Also, pleasantly surprised to see that they offer complementary valet parking. In the city, we’re used to $20+ valet parking not including tip.

The place was definitely hopping. But, we had made a last minute reservation through and were seated immediately. We got a booth which made me very happy because I always prefer booth seating to regular chair seating (so much cozier!). They have a lot of different seating options – tables, booths, bar-front…I didn’t even get to see the entire place because it’s that big.

Right off the bat I was impressed by the décor – I guess I’d call it industrial ciche.  We were right next to a window with this funky, old school light fixture above our table …it was the perfect lighting in my opinion. The ambiance was upscale yet laidback.

There she is - the funky light above our table, each table had its own

There she is – the funky light above our table, each table had its own

The tables were nicely set, picture perfect!

Lovely set table at Steel & Rye

Lovely set table at Steel & Rye

Service was spot on from the very beginning. Throughout our meal – we were checked on regularly by multiple people. Our water was refreshed, plates cleared quickly – all in all, they had the service down to a science.

Now, the food & drinks…


  • I started with a glass of cabernet sauvignon the “2012 Joel Gott, 815 Cab Sav, Cali” ($11). I am definitely not a wine connoisseur, but it was delightful – super smooth. I would have ordered two but I decided not to run up a $22 tab on wine alone (maybe another night!)
  • Nick, my husband opted for the: “Pimm’s #95 Cup” cocktail which consists of: pimm’s, house cucumber vodka, lemon, mint, tiki bitters, ginger ale. I don’t recall the price but someplace between $10-$12. It was definitely worth it – such a refreshing drink which looked almost too perfect to drink
Pimm's 95 Cup cocktail @ S&R

Pimm’s 95 Cup cocktail @ S&R

  • Nick’s second drink, which he had with dessert, was the: Cold Bruiser” cocktail which consists of: privateer silver reserve rum, fazenda cold-brew coffee, cacao, walnut, ginger. Also somewhere between $10-$12. This was definitely a unique drink – an oversized ice cube filled the round whiskey glass. If you like coffee, you might love this drink – you can definitely taste both the coffee and rum. At first I wasn’t sure how much I liked it but it went down really smooth and the ice cube kept it nice and cold


  • For an appetizer we did the fried green olives ($5) and the grilled bread ($7). Two ‘snacks’ that sounded quite simple but were presented really nicely and tasted super fresh. Just the right amount to eat without ruining your main course!
Fried olives all in a row

Fried olives all in a row

The grilled bread - so much more than the simple name leads you to believe!

The grilled bread – so much more than the simple name leads you to believe! There were 2 slices in the appetizer serving

  • In addition to this they served 2 complimentary slices of what looked like brown wheat bread…seemingly homemade. It had a sweet taste to it and was served with soft butter. I decided to skip because I knew it’d fill me up – my husband enjoyed the bread! Definitely a dense start to the dinner but tasty
  • For the main course, I had the sweet corn, leeks & morels homemade ravioli ($23). It was very delicious. You could tell the pasta was homemade. The corn was extra sweet which I enjoyed. I think there was 5 or 6 oversized raviolis so a good portion. I couldn’t finish it all…as usual, Nick had not problem polishing it off
Homemade raviolis - such a different collection of flavors

Homemade raviolis – such a different collection of flavors

  • Nick had the carne asada with flash fried shishito peppers, roasted onion, oregano mojo, cotija cheese, lime ($34). I really liked the presentation – it came out on an iron skillet. Nick said it was delicious…I was literally saved only a morsel. Which was fine because he likes his meat medium/rare which I prefer medium/well

Now for the final course of the night – side note…no, we were not “celebrating” anything which you may think by the seemingly large dinner we treated ourselves to. We just decided to go out on a whim…hey, it was Saturday, it was “treat yo’self” time for The Moores.


  • This is where I decided “yes, I need to write a review on this place” because they really nailed it home with dessert. We got the “Snickers in a Bowl” (I mean, need I say more?) which consists of peanut semifreddo, nougat, dulce de leche & praline ($11). It wasn’t easy to decide on that dessert, believe it or not. S&R has a great dessert menu that offers a lot of different flavors…I can’t wait to go back and try more. I always appreciate when a restaurant has a unique dessert menu vs. those typical you-know-they-were-frozen options like the brownie sundae and lava cake. It’s hard to put into words the tastiness of this “Snickers in a Bowl” dessert – but it was more than a store bought Snickers could ever deliver. Chocolately, creamy, chewy, hazelnutty, and just plain gorgeous to look at too
I will draem about you, "Snickers in a Bowl" were amazing

I will dream about you, “Snickers in a Bowl” dessert…you were amazing

All in all, we definitely recommend this place for drinks/apps/dinner/dessert. Be it for a weeknight treat or to celebrate a special occasion. The bill was a bit higher than we anticipated for a dinner outside of the city but between the quality of the service, setting, drinks, and food (oh and not having to deal with traffic, hoards of people, or expensive parking in the city) it was worth the splurge. If you’re looking for lighter fare and a more reasonable bill hit up the bar area for “snacks” and cocktails, perfecto!

If you live in/around the South Shore or Boston area, check it out!

Click here for link to Steel & Rye website.

AaaaaCHOooo…winter cold? Read here for some remedies, treatments, and just plain treats

I’ve been a little under the weather this week and it’s given my a lot of time to think…and try (although it’s against my always-on-the-go nature) to relax and rest so I can kick this cold. I’ve found myself making a list in my head of my favorite, some new and some old, cold treatments (or shall I say, cold accessories?). These aren’t your typical treatments or remedies…but I thought, since cold season seems to be in full swing, that I’d share:

A good lip scrub and hydrator

  • Coughing and sneezing leads to repeat tissue usage…I try to reach for the extra soft kind, but sometimes they’re not at arms reach. By the end of a long day, both my nose and lips are chapped and red from all the wiping and blowing. Sick. During my latest cold, it got so bad that my lips started to peel, yowza. I needed 2 things…1. Something that would get off the dead skin without hurting my lips more 2. Something that would smooth out my lips and take away the rough appearance. I’ve been using these 2 gems and totally recommend them for complete healing. Hey, you could even use them if your lips just need a good cold weather treatment:
      1. “The Lip Scrub” by Sara Happ: $24 @ Dermstore, I like Vanilla Bean. It’s simple to use, grab a dot from the tub, rub in light circular motions on lips (and I did a little buffing around my mouth too, since skin was chapped above my lips). Buff, buff, buff – then wipe gently with a tissue. On a side note, this stuff tastes lovely as it’s sugar based. This scrub buffs right off those dead skin pieces so you can create a smooth canvas for a good lip treatment!
        • PS: I actually got this scrub as a gift from my friend, Robyn – THANK YOU, BINNY!! Maaaarvelous find

          Sara Happ "the lip scrub" in brown sugar. comes in a bunch of different flavors!

          Sara Happ “the lip scrub” in brown sugar. comes in a bunch of different flavors!

      2. Derma/e Hydrating Lip Repair With Hyaluronic Acid: $14.50 @ Dermstore, also sold at Whole Foods. Seriously, nothing was working…even some heavier balms I had in my beauty drawer of tricks. So, I got this wonderous tube at Whole Foods. I like that I don’t have to reach my finger into a pot for this…and it’s travel friendly. I squeeze a bit of the white cream onto my finger and rub on my lips. It takes a moment or so to sink in. At first, I was skeptical that this was enough to really hydrate. But the hyaluronic acid really helps and seals in the moisture. I found that this REALLY WORKS. And I’ve only had to re-apply a couples times during the day, bravo!

        derma e hydrating lip repair with Hyaluronic acid - a lip saver!

        derma e hydrating lip repair with Hyaluronic acid – a lip saver

Intense face balm (that won’t do anything crazy to my skin)

Oh my red nose, it’s a dead give away that I’m sick. And then, it starts peeling and I look like something out Silence of the Lambs. Sick. I tried a few different things and it just.wasn’t.getting.better. Well, after a reco from someone at a Health Food store in nearby Quincy, MA, I bought a pot of Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic. I’ve heard of this stuff…I like that it has minimal ingredients. No petroleum. So I put it on. Rubbed it all over my nose and above my lip. It’s shiny, don’t get me wrong. But it sinks in. I’ve found that it moisturizes well – takes away the flakes, calms the redness. I’ve applied it a couple times a day. Ahhh relief…it is really a lovely product. And according to their site and many reviewers, it can be used daily and has many benefits including, healing very dry skin, soothing red/itchy/sunburnt skin, repairs minor cuts/scrapes/burns, and improves skin tone and texture.

  • Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic: $30 @ (note, I’ve never ordered from this site) or, you can find a some Whole Foods
    • Full list of ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, organic honey, propolis extract, bee pollen, royal jelly
Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic...working wonders on chapped skin

Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic…working wonders on chapped skin

Tea, and more tea

Of course pushing fluids is key when you’re under the weather…and tea is magic when you’re sick. It’s warm, comforting…the steam helps you breath easier. I’ve been rotating between a couple caffeine-free Yogi teas and this lovely bedtime tea by Pukka Herbs that I found at Whole Foods. I’ve found that my symptoms kick up at night – so this tea has helped me relax a bit and lull off to sleep. And yea, I’ve had to pee during the night, but it’s helped to go and feel like I’m flushing the system. I envision peeing out the sick…is that weird? Whatever makes you feel better, right?!

  • Pukka tea in Nighttime: ~$5 at Whole Foods
    • Ingredients: Oat flower (30%), licorice root, chamomile flower, lavender flower (14%), lime flower (10%), valerian root, tulsi leaf
Pukka night time, yummy, makes you zzzz

Pukka night time tea…organic, yummy, makes you zzzz


Comfy PJs

I really think comfy PJs are an imperative. A couple times this past week, I came home from work and felt so sick I just wanted to fall asleep in my work clothes because it was easier than changing. Sad. Well, instead, I forced myself to take the 3 minutes and change out of my tight and layered work clothes, to comfy PJs. I’ve always loved Victoria’s Secret Afterhours Satin PJs. But, I’ve found a new brand that I’m in love with. A bit on the priceier side, but I splurged on a set over Christmas with some Christmas money I had. Wildfox pants and comfy top. Softest fabric ever. like nothing else I’ve felt. And they also look quite cute…I feel pretty damn fly in them even when my nose is peeling.

Material is 47% polyester, 47% rayon, 6% spandex.

Technically not ‘PJs’ – you can wear them out and about, running errands, to the gym, as a beach cover up etc. Just a few ways to justify the cost. But damn, I can’t dress enough how comfy they are.

big fan of this brand - especially their quirky tops and t's that have fun sayings on the front

big fan of this brand – especially their quirky tops and t’s that have fun sayings on the front

All-natural meds

Another recommendation I got – and I’ve popped a couple a day is for KOLD KARE. I can’t vouch for ingredients. It’s all herbal. But I can say, I’ve used it for the alst 2 days and I’ve noticed improvement in my symptoms. Worth a try.

no frills cold care by Kold Kare

no frills cold care by Kold Kare

A treat

With my appetite all over the place and my temp a’ rising…for some reason, I just wanted a cool treat. My tum doesn’t always appreciate ice cream – so instead, my husband and I opted for the frozen hot chocolate at Coffee Break in Quincy, MA. If there isn’t a place near you that makes this treat – below is a recipe so you can make at home! I opted for soy milk vs. dairy milk in mine. If I made at home, I’d probably use almond milk. Yes, this treat isn’t low in sugar – but dang, it made me feel better. And I wanted a cool treat (even though its cool outside) between my headache and sweats, it was SOOOOTHING


Those are just a couple of my out of the box rememdies. Do you have anything good?? Please share!

Don’t forget the stocking stuffers! 10 unisex stocking stuffer ideas

ImageStocking stuffers are totally fine to leave until the last minute – at least I think so! Below is a list of 10 unisex stocking stuffers. Each quite different from the other! The below is an alternative to the typical candy canes and marshmallow Santas (which I love!)

All under $20

  1. Mario Badescu Dry Lotion – this stuff is magic. And although it goes on pink, it is meant to be worn at night…and will zap a pimple in no time. Especially those painful ones that seem to last weeks. Not to name-names, but my husband swears by this and I usually put a bottle in his stocking. Click the above link for more information. $17 / available @ Nordstrom


    MB drying lotion – pimple zapper

  2. Tide To Go Pen(s) – I never think to buy these myself but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spilled something on myself and a friend has pulled a Tide pen out and saved the day. These things are clutch when you are out and about. They are purse/pocket friendly. This set of 3 is less than $10 / available at Target, CVS etc.


    Tide To Go pen = shirt saver!

  3. Lip Balm Stick – this one by Avalon Organics is my favorite (approx. $3). It has a rosemary + vanilla scent which is guy-friendly. It conditions the lips really well without adding too much shine. It uses beeswax and organic oils to moisturize, lovely! Avalon Organics available at some specialty health foods stores and super markets (i.e. Stop & Shop) – I’d double check Avalon’s site first to confirm

    Avalon Organics Soothing Rosemary Vanilla lip balm

    Avalon Organics Soothing Rosemary Vanilla lip balm

  4. Weekly/Monthly Planner – I love this one by Blue Sky – available at Target. It is travel friendly. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly double booking myself – and having a planner helps me track everything from social engagements to dentist appointments. This one is less than $10 – who couldn’t use a good planner?


    A weekly planner can be a lifesaver – available in many colors. This one is durable!

  5. iTunes card – this might not seem that creative, but with all the apps you can download now and the fact that you can buy Apple products through the iTunes store as well, there is a lot someone can do with an iTunes card. And you can pick one up almost anywhere. You don’t have to worry about a big increment because even $10 will buy someone a bunch of songs or a couple movie rentals. Available in a variety of increments @ CVS, Best Buy etc.
  6. Vitamin C Gummies – these have been a lifesaver for me this winter. I try to take them everyday and since they’re tasty and in gummy form, it makes it much easier to remember. Available at supermarkets, Target, Trader Joes etc.


    Yummi bears – available at Target

  7. Dark Chocolate – I consider this a healthy gift…I’m sure most of us have read about the benefits of DARK chocolate. Trader Joes has a great sampler right now – which includes a few different bars. The link above is to Godiva – a dark chocolate peppermint crunch bar, yum! Try for at least 70% cacao. This Godiva is 50%, I still think that’s good – hey, it’s the Holidays!
  8. Poo-Pourri – yup, you read that right. This little bottle can come in handy especially when you are visiting someone. Or, it’s a nice thing to leave out in your bathroom if you have guests. And hey, at the very least, it’ll make someone laugh! Available at specialty stores/boutiques, check the site for a location near you. Approx. $10


    Poo-Pourri – how cute, right??

  9. Mini tweezers – a unibrow doesn’t look good on anyone. I think everyone should have a good pair of tweezers handy. I love this mini pair by Tweezerman – it comes in a little tube case for easy/clean storing. $15 / available @ Sephora


    Tweezerman mini – in a manly blue!

  10. Comfortable pen(s) – might sound boring, but most people appreciate a good pen! One that writes smoothly! And this can be a good reminder to send thank-you notes for all the gifts you may receive. I love these Pilot G2 rollers, super easy to write with! 3 pack approx. $5 @ Target


    Pilot G2 pens – smooth thank-you note writin’

cool off now

this is not make up or a skin care product…but a couple of these babies will definitely make your face glllooww.

On this ridiculously hot day (let’s put it on record: it is 88 degrees at 8:30PM in Boston! There is an ‘excessive heat warning’ on for the region) – you need a yummy cold drink…I was recently introduced to whipped cream vodka, and now it’s a new fave.

Whipped Cream's literally whipped cream flavored vodka

You can find it at most liquor stores….thankfully.

You can mix it will just about any soda or juice (i.e. orange, pineapple, grapefruit). Below is a recipe using whipped cream vodka – it’s just sweet enough, and sure to cool you off!

Ingredients: ice, whipped cream vodka, club soda, pineapple juice

Directions (my non-bartender/throw it together in your kitchen recipe):

  1. Fill your glass halfway with ice
  2. Then, fill your glass a quarter of the way (ok maybe less, depends on the day you had) with Whipped Cream vodka
  3. Fill your glass the rest of the way with soda water
  4. Now add a splash of pineapple juice (I like to add more than a splash, I like the sweetness)

BOOM, done.

If you want to go really sweet – substitute the club soda for pineapple juice. If you wanna go tropical, add a splash of pina colada mix.

Yum! Enjoy…and I hope everyone is keeping cool tonight!

Binny’s Bites does it again!

As usual, Robyn came bearing gifts – this time she brought kettle chocolate chip cookies. This girl is so creative!

Main ingredients = kettle potato chips and chocolate chunks.

They were delicious! A yummy mix of salty and sweet.

I got a few close ups of the cookies before I inhaled them all.

I know some people don’t like the word moist – but they were – perfectly moist!