Get ya calcium…fo real

For my 27th (eek) birthday my mom got me a bunch of cute things – including a bag of calcium (chocolate) supplements – weird? Not for my Mom 🙂 She knows I sometimes skimp on healthy eating and might not always get my calcium. We’ve all read how women need calcium for strong bones and it’s been linked to other benefits such as preventing breast cancer. I’m not a doctor and I don’t know for certain if it’s true – but more and more research supports the importance of calcium in a woman’s diet for many reasons.

Now, why were these special supplements? Unlike most supplements that pretend to taste good – but end up being chalky or gross – these are DELICIOUS. I know candy like the back of my hand and this tastes like candy. I eat 2 disks during the day to get my day’s worth of calcium (1,000 mg). I keep them at my desk and pop them when I have my daily chocolate craving – and seriously, these do the trick and crazily-enough, I am helping my body. Can’t go wrong there! This is the brand:

I got mine at Whole Foods. Cost about $10 for a pack of 30 disks. I like the DARK chocolate. They are gluten free/artificial sweetener free – ya!

yes, I still need a hangover cure…I’m still fun no matter what they say

Someone asked me the other day ‘what’s your hang over cure?’ – I guess this is a common question for someone in their 20s (ok, late 20s). As not to state something obvious like ‘water’ or an ‘egg and cheese on a bagel’ – I thought of something different and something I’ve actually found useful. When I wake up with a hang over – which includes headache/moodiness/sleepiness – I pop a couple of ‘vitamin B complexes.’ Lately, I’ve been using this brand:

I’m not sure if the brand really matters. You can find this vitamin at any pharmacy/super market. I usually do the ‘B complex’ because it includes a mix of B vitamins (including B6 and B12). Some of them also have added folic acid and vitamin C – which can’t hurt.

Next time you have a hang over – pop a couple of these and let me know if it helps!

Cost about $6 bucks…bottle will last awhile!

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