yes, I still need a hangover cure…I’m still fun no matter what they say

Someone asked me the other day ‘what’s your hang over cure?’ – I guess this is a common question for someone in their 20s (ok, late 20s). As not to state something obvious like ‘water’ or an ‘egg and cheese on a bagel’ – I thought of something different and something I’ve actually found useful. When I wake up with a hang over – which includes headache/moodiness/sleepiness – I pop a couple of ‘vitamin B complexes.’ Lately, I’ve been using this brand:

I’m not sure if the brand really matters. You can find this vitamin at any pharmacy/super market. I usually do the ‘B complex’ because it includes a mix of B vitamins (including B6 and B12). Some of them also have added folic acid and vitamin C – which can’t hurt.

Next time you have a hang over – pop a couple of these and let me know if it helps!

Cost about $6 bucks…bottle will last awhile!

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