Pre-Holiday 2014: Add some sparkle to your wardrobe & beauty bag!

The idea for this post was sparked the other day while I watched puffy white snowflakes fly all around the streets of Boston. It felt strangely like the holidays. Albeit a tad too early for my taste (being barely Nov 1)!

The snowflakes themselves were sparkling and it made me think of holiday *things* – things that glitter.

Remember, glitter and sparkle aren’t just for pageants and Halloween! The holidays are a perfect time to break out some sparkle. Below are some ideas if you want to get into the Holiday party spirit a little early.


  • Deborah Lippman polish: *new* color called “Autumn in New York.” Autumn, winter, whatever. They’re both chilly seasons and this metallic gold polish is perfect for holiday fingers and toes. Click here to check it out: deborah lippmann Luxe Chrome Nail Lacquer; $20


DL's "Autumn in New York" hello winter nails

DL’s “Autumn in New York” hello winter nails



  • Rebecca Minkoff embellished winter white becky blazer: I’ll say it outright, this is pricey. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it because I’d spill red wine, chocolate, or something intensely dark on it. BUT, it’s so lovely, right? I picture it with black skinny jeans or trousers, tank underneath, heels, and a colorful clutch. Perfect for an after work holiday affair. The fabric and sparkles are high quality, picture doesn’t quite do it justice. Click here to check it out:; $428


Rebecca Minkoff embellished blazer - so classy, so expensive, wah

Rebecca Minkoff embellished blazer – so classy, so expensive, wah



  • Splendid sparkle jersey dress: for a hot second I thought, no, this is too springy. But then, I got to talking with the Splendid saleswoman and she mentioned her manager wore it with tights, a pair of booties, and a cute blazer on top. Love it. The gold sparkle (might be hard to see in pic) on the cream color definitely gives off a holiday vibe. It also comes in black with gold sparkle. And love the hem line! Click here to check it out:; $158
Splendid cotton sparkle dress - comfy and whimsical!

Splendid cotton sparkle dress – comfy and whimsical!



  • Bobbi Brown sparkle eye shadow: new news!  the sparkle shadows are now a permenant part of the Bobbi Brown make up line. I’m a big fan of this brand and these shadows are super fun for the holidays. *11* different sparkly colors to choose from. Click here to check it out:; $32


Bobbi Brown sparkle shadow - bling up ya lids

Bobbi Brown sparkle shadow – bling up ya lids



  • American Apparel sparkle leggings: every lady has to have a pair of sparkly leggings in her wardrobe. They’re more versatile than you think. Spice up that little black dress. Or, pair with some boots and a chunky sweater for a cozy yet fancy, holiday vibe. Click here to check it out: American Apparel Sparkle Pantyhose – White / Silver / XS/S; $10-$20


American Apparel sparkle tights - glam up ya gams

American Apparel sparkle tights – glam up ya gams



  • JoJo Blings earrings: there is literally a color for any occasion and any outfit. These new cushion cut blings in *RUBY* are perfect for the Holidays. And frankly, any time of year. I love JoJo blings to bring a pop of color to any ole outfit choice. Click here to check it out:; $32
JoJo cushion blings in Ruby - how beautiful are these??

JoJo cushion blings in Ruby – how beautiful are these??



  • Body Shop glazed apple sparkler: I came across this funky product at the airport. I don’t wear shimmer as much as I used to. I used to coat myself in glitter freshman year of college before going out on Saturday night. I swear, it was the “in” thing to be super sparkly all over. I like this shimmer for two reasons. 1. The packaging is adorable. It has the old fashion perfume puff. 2. It puts out just the right amount of shimmer. It’s not big pieces of glitter but small, silver sparkles that give a little glimmer. Totally fun for a night out. Add a little to your hair? You’re never too old for that! Click here to check it out:; $14.40
Body Shop apple sparkler!

Body Shop apple sparkler!

Purse essentials – don’t leave home without them

Most women have them – ‘purse essentials’ – those few beauty items we have to carry at all times. Unless of course we’re going totally minimalist and all we need is a debit card, license, and lip gloss…there are those nights. But for the nights when we want to be prepared…

I’ve thought long and hard about my essentials…and which ones have been the most handy and why. Below is the VIP list

1. You need a handy pouch to keep it all together in your purse. Without this everything flies loose and can’t be accessed easily…leaving you helpless in the ladies room

My favorite: Bloomingdales ‘Little Brown Cosmetic’ Case ($12 @…just the right size, zip top, it’s vinyl so if you drop it it will wipe off easily

THE case

2. A good cover up. Since typically, I already have make-up on at the point in the day when I need my beauty essentials kit – I need something that’s good for touch ups and not super thick. It needs to be easy to apply. An open pot of concealer just won’t do it for me when I’m in a rush. I’d rather not stick my fingers into a pot of concealer and close it back up.

My favorite: Chanel’s Highlighter Face Pen ($40 @ select dept store – Bloomies, Nordstrom etc.) this product boasts: “In a single stroke, adds new radiance to makeup and dark areas of the face. It reduces the appearance of fine lines with an optical effect and lightens dark circles.” courtesy of Couple swipes under the eyes and on either side of the nose and I’m immediately more refreshed looking. I use the color ‘Light’

3. A blush to add some color to a ghastly complexion at the end of a long work day. Nothing like looking in the mirror and feeling drab – with a couple pats of this blush, you’ll literally look ready to head out to a dinner date

My favorite: Koh Gen Do Fresh Face Cheek Color ($41 @ Barney’s) I use the Pink Coral color. Why does this absolutely rule? You don’t need a brush…you just pop off the top and use the puff-top applicator to dot on your cheeks. Not sure about you…but I’ve broken multiple blush compacts in my purse, so sad. This is bust proof because the blush is already in powder form. Lasts forever too!

Koh Gen Do Fresh Face Blush

4. A lip gloss that doesn’t need your finger for application. If you know me, I love lipgloss and have many favorites – my current go-to’s:

For a natural hint of color and really good gloss/moisture: Mineral Fusion Liquid Lipgloss (~$5.24 @ I like the color ‘Enlighten’ – which is a light pinky nude

For a bit more color and some glitter: Chanel’s Levres Scintullantes Glossimer ($29.50 @ dept stores Macys, Bloomies etc.) – in layman’s terms, this is the lipgloss wand. I like the color ‘119’ which is a fun glimmery pink

5. A good MINI mascara…and frankly, I’m not too tied to a brand here. Recently, I’ve been alternating between a Bobbi Brown sample and a Laura Mercier sample. Either does the trick…I got them in free gift sets and they’re perfect purse size!

I like Bobbi’s mini ‘Party Extreme’ mascara in Black

Thanks for the free sample, Bobbi! Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara mini

6. Travel size perfume this is another item you can get for free. Nordstrom is good about putting out free Joe Malone perfume samples. I like to carry a purse size of my favorite perfume which I splurged on for my wedding…

What: Byredo Gypsy Water ($110 @ Barneys for a set of 3 purse-size spray bottles)…why I like and why I splurged = I wanted a perfume ‘no one’ had for my wedding. I walked into Barney’s which is THE place to find unique/harder to find pefumes…I tried so many and landed on this scent. It’s light but it also has some deeper notes. I’ve never smelled anything like it and therefore, I knew it would always remind me of my wedding day. The pack includes 3 pretty good size bottles – one for my purse, one for home, and one for my gym bag…or, as back up for when one runs out. Most perfumes run you at least $50-$60 these days so I was willing to pay a little extra for something more unique. And the regular bottles are beautiful – the whole line is super creative and offers many different scents: Byredo website

Byredo Gypsy Water regular sized bottles – gorgeous

7. Last but not least an extra hair band…better known to me as a twistband ($5 for a 3 pack of solid hair ties @! This is clearly an essential – if you don’t need it, a friend will. Nothing sucks more than not having a hair elastic when things heat up and you feel your hair start to puff. I am a huge advocate of THE TWISTBAND – these elastics keep your hair back and don’t snag at strands. And they look cute on your wrist 😉

Details on the Twistband:

Twistbands! so many pretty colors

And that’s it…a few essentials…something to cover up blemishes and discoloration…something to give your cheeks a pop of color…something to lighten up the lips and freshen up the lashes, a scent to kick off the night…and a cute hair elastic in case the night ends with a wild dance party.

What are your purse BEAUTY essentials?

The Nude Pump…gotta have it

Nude heels – they’re everywhere. Why do they rule? Because they match with everything, literally. Denim, black, multi-colors…and best of all, a nude pair of heels with a skirt or dress actually elongates the legs and gives a more slimming appearance! Don’t believe me, check this little story out:

You can go to Saks and spend $600+ on a pair of Nude designer pumps or, you can walk into DSW and find 25+ different pairs at a multitude of more reasonable price points. But, with all the options, at so many different price levels – how can you find a good pair? Frankly, ‘a good pair’ of heels varies by girl. For me, I like pumps that aren’t over 4 1/2 inches. I love heels because they elongate the legs, help me stand taller and more confidently – but when they get too tall, I teeter around and can barely make the walk from my office to a nearby conference room at work without turning my ankle. Also, I don’t mind the front platform…but I don’t want something too high in the front for fear of looking like a disco dancer. In short, I’m picky, I have specific heel criteria.

After much searching…and even buying a pair of patent leather nude heels that I thought looked wonderful but later pinched and cramped my toes to the point that I walked almost a mile barefoot in NYC, I found THE pair for me. Fitting the following criteria:

  1. Heel under 4 1/2 inches but NOT a kitten heel
  2. Smaller front platform
  3. Comfortable – can be worn by a wider foot
  4. Nude patent leather (easier to clean)
  5. Under $100
  6. I’d also like them to be work and ‘going out’ appropriate – I need versatile shoes!


  • FOUND – during Bloomingdales Friends & Family sale – therefore, saving 20%! However, the heels met my price point criteria at $98.00 from the start, which was great
  • Brand: Vince Camuto Zella Patent Pump

    Vince Camuto Zella Patent Pump in ‘Petal Nude’

  • I wasn’t floored by the picture on – but in real life, these are cute heels! I can wear them with skinny jeans and sass them up…or wear them with business attire and they’re just the right look for a professional setting. And OH so cute with a skirt or dress!
  • They are comfortable! I’m not saying I’d run a 5k in them…but I can wear them all day and my feet don’t kill. I can walk to my car with confidence vs. an awkward teeter
  • They also come in peep toe…and in black patent
  • Here is the link:

This was a big find overall because I feel like I found a new brand that might be ‘perfect’ when it comes to my criteria…Vince Camuto makes a variety of shoes and now that I’ve had good luck with the Zellas, I feel good about the brand overall.

What is your shoe criteria? Have you found a ‘perfect’ nude pump?

More affordable PoPs of Color!

A few weeks back, I posted on these funky colored J Brand skinny jeans originally spotted on Kim Kardashian (see
below for link to original post).
I am in love with these royal blue pants. I pair them with a black blazer, a white-t, heels, or flip flops…I’ve found their pretty versatile. BUT, the J Brands aren’t cheap…and I began to do more searching to see if there are other brands of funkier colored pants out there FOR LESS. And, there are!

Pops are color are in! Let me first caveat that I’m no fashionista. I don’t necessarily have my finger on the pulse of fashion ha! But, I occasionally jump on a fun trend if I like it. Admittedly, funky colored pants/jeans are not a new trend – people, and celebs in particular, have been sporting these since Spring 2011 (if not before! I do recall how cool Limited Too colored jeans were back in the 90s!) But recently, I’ve noticed them in a lot of stores, in a lot of different cuts, including skinny, cropped, flare etc…and I think this trend will keep going. And now, there are a lot more affordable options as many retailers have stocked up. It’s a fun way to spice up an outfit – and wear something different from traditional blue denim! I was scared to try at first – but there are ways to seamlessly integrate these colors into a more traditional wardrobe.

A couple places you can find these fun colored pants for less:

  • Nordstrom JUNIORS department– I often visit the juniors department in Nordstrom to peruse the more affordable costume jewelry or look for a cute blouse that won’t break the bank. While visiting the junior department this past weekend, I saw these pants…for $42. They are eerily similar to the $170 J Brand pants.  I got the fire redcolor.

    Nordstrom Juniors: Fire Skinny Stretch Denim Jeans

    • Sizing: I had a hard time knowing what size I take in juniors. I was half expecting I wouldn’t be able to do junior pant sizes. But, these pants are very stretchy/have plenty of give. So, to (hopefully) help anyone looking at these…I am 5’6’’ (and a half), 130 lbs, athletic build, round butt…the size 3 fit perfectly. For the record, I never expected to fit into that number, hence why I’m trying to give others some background on sizing for these pants
    • They come in grey, fire red, and ROYAL BLUE!
    • Link:
  • Gap Womens – Gap has a few pairs of funky colored pants. I went more traditional and opted for the ‘Montreal’ color, which is a grey Curvy jean (hey, grey is better than signature denim – which my closet is crawling with!). I went for the curvy fit vs. skinny for these ones. But, Gap also has skinny pants in some funky colors like bright pink (see below)
  • Other reasons to wear funky colored pants (vs. traditional blue denim) – you can pair these colors with a lot of different colors and patterns. Animal prints, funky accessories, you name it! Granted, it will be harder to pull off pink in the Fall/Winter…but deep blues and reds can definitely translate into other seasons. Think blazers or thick/long sweaters — heeled boots, Uggs etc.! – check out these celebs below:

Link to original post: