More affordable PoPs of Color!

A few weeks back, I posted on these funky colored J Brand skinny jeans originally spotted on Kim Kardashian (see
below for link to original post).
I am in love with these royal blue pants. I pair them with a black blazer, a white-t, heels, or flip flops…I’ve found their pretty versatile. BUT, the J Brands aren’t cheap…and I began to do more searching to see if there are other brands of funkier colored pants out there FOR LESS. And, there are!

Pops are color are in! Let me first caveat that I’m no fashionista. I don’t necessarily have my finger on the pulse of fashion ha! But, I occasionally jump on a fun trend if I like it. Admittedly, funky colored pants/jeans are not a new trend – people, and celebs in particular, have been sporting these since Spring 2011 (if not before! I do recall how cool Limited Too colored jeans were back in the 90s!) But recently, I’ve noticed them in a lot of stores, in a lot of different cuts, including skinny, cropped, flare etc…and I think this trend will keep going. And now, there are a lot more affordable options as many retailers have stocked up. It’s a fun way to spice up an outfit – and wear something different from traditional blue denim! I was scared to try at first – but there are ways to seamlessly integrate these colors into a more traditional wardrobe.

A couple places you can find these fun colored pants for less:

  • Nordstrom JUNIORS department– I often visit the juniors department in Nordstrom to peruse the more affordable costume jewelry or look for a cute blouse that won’t break the bank. While visiting the junior department this past weekend, I saw these pants…for $42. They are eerily similar to the $170 J Brand pants.  I got the fire redcolor.

    Nordstrom Juniors: Fire Skinny Stretch Denim Jeans

    • Sizing: I had a hard time knowing what size I take in juniors. I was half expecting I wouldn’t be able to do junior pant sizes. But, these pants are very stretchy/have plenty of give. So, to (hopefully) help anyone looking at these…I am 5’6’’ (and a half), 130 lbs, athletic build, round butt…the size 3 fit perfectly. For the record, I never expected to fit into that number, hence why I’m trying to give others some background on sizing for these pants
    • They come in grey, fire red, and ROYAL BLUE!
    • Link:
  • Gap Womens – Gap has a few pairs of funky colored pants. I went more traditional and opted for the ‘Montreal’ color, which is a grey Curvy jean (hey, grey is better than signature denim – which my closet is crawling with!). I went for the curvy fit vs. skinny for these ones. But, Gap also has skinny pants in some funky colors like bright pink (see below)
  • Other reasons to wear funky colored pants (vs. traditional blue denim) – you can pair these colors with a lot of different colors and patterns. Animal prints, funky accessories, you name it! Granted, it will be harder to pull off pink in the Fall/Winter…but deep blues and reds can definitely translate into other seasons. Think blazers or thick/long sweaters — heeled boots, Uggs etc.! – check out these celebs below:

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