Isagenix 9 day system: 4 day diary…

Ahhh yes so days 5, 6, 7, and 8…

Here’s the deal:

  • Last week was a success – Monday to Friday evening I stayed on the program while also getting in a work-out 4 out of 4 days
  • Friday night rolled around – I had planned ahead to have a shake for breakfast and lunch and save my 400-600 cal meal for dinner…because I had plans with a friend. Well, I did pretty well – starting with salad and then moving onto 3 small slices of pizza. I like to think I’m a good date but I think I was closer to a wild, ravenous animal when a real meal came my way. I left dinner with an upset stomach and the feeling that I definitely exceeded my 400-600 cal allotment (even though the pizza was practically cheese-less!) and that I was far too focused on food
    • Despite a stomach ache, I came home and had a light dessert of dark chocolate and almond butter – it was a good alternative to the CVS candy I wanted to eat. This is where I realized this program was do-able for me during the week but once Friday night/the weekend hit, it got a little more tricky and not flexible enough (for me!)
  • Saturday – I did well in the AM and had a planned cheat in the PM as I had plans to join my friend for her bday dinner at a delicious Italian restaraunt in Beacon Hill. Sure, some of you might think – ‘you still could have planned ahead and chosen a light meal!’ – but no, I wanted to enjoy myself…that included an extra dirty gin martini
  • Sunday – I was also off the wagon. The sun was shining and my hubby and I ventured to the drive-on beach – there were beers, lobster rolls, french fries, and ice cream. Did I feel guilty? Yes. In the big scheme of things, 9 days is not a long time to stick to something – but Sunday was legit one of the first summer days in Boston and I literally soaked it (and ate it) in full force

photo (19)


enjoyed a couple of Yuengling Lights - good stuff

enjoyed a couple of Yuengling Lights – good stuff

  • So, here I am on Monday – back on the wagon – I should be on my first cleanse day – but instead I want to continue with shake days until mid-week when I’ll finish out with 2 cleanse days
  • Overall, I’m looking forward to focusing on Weight Watchers which feels like a more manageable and realistic program for me
  • I like the Isagenix shakes and I looooveee the Isalean meal bars (chocolate decadence flavor is AMAZING. and it didn’t hurt my tum – score!) – I want to continue to weave these into my healthier meal planning
My dutch chocolate Isagenix shake...I like to drink out of a fancy class for dinner. Yum!

My dutch chocolate Isagenix shake…I like to drink out of a fancy glass for dinner. Yum!

  • I felt really good when I was doing this program (especially my mood!). I would do it again…and aim for more consistency. Funny thing is – today I was in the crabbiest mood ever – which I’m sure is residual effects from my weekend’s antics!
  • My goal at this stage is to stick to a plan Mon-Fri but with the acceptance that things will come up and I need to plan better in advance to avoid binging or guilt
  • I certainly feel progress – my clothes are looser! But I’ll share the real #s at the end of the week once the wagon wheels are a bit more on track 🙂

Feel free to shoot me questions/comments etc. 


Moving into Day 3 of the Isagenix 9 day cleanse/fat burning system

I’m heading into day 3 of the 9 day Isagenix system…

The first 2 days were cleanse days – essentially lots of liquids and a few small Isagenix “snacks” per day (I referenced the flavored wafers in my first post). I will say those periodic wafers helped satisfy hunger a bit. Last night I had to have 6 unsalted/raw almonds to curb my hunger while I watched my husband eat a yummy meal. I felt semi guilty for a moment – but then I read that it’s ok to have a small snack like that if you really need to. All in all, I think I made it through the first 2 days successfully. I worked-out both days too.

I definitely peed more than usual – but other than that my stomach felt fine. When I’ve done juice cleanses in the past those have tended to upset my stomach. I was certainly hungry most of the last 2 days but it was tolerable…it helps that I’m doing this for the first time with a buddy (Hi Shannon!)


There she is!!! my Isagenix + real-life buddy!!! The lil firecracker, Shannon. She did not approve this photo…I’ll prob get in trouble for this













The whole cleanse thing is interesting – on one hand I like the ‘idea’ of cleansing your body/system and reducing your typical intake…especially to kick off a healthier eating plan. However, it’s not very realistic (for me). I was pretty much a hermit the last 2 days…I refused to go out after work. I had to distract myself a lot as not to cave into temptation. I hate watching/smelling my husband cook. And at one point I think I was tempted by my dogs chewy treats – wtf? Not sure what I’d do if I had kids and they were snacking all around me. I guess, it just makes you exercise super self control. And that’s something that certainly takes practice. But hey, if you can spend 2 days on a rigid plan – doesn’t that make you feel like you can make more moderate adjustments on an everyday bases? I think so.

According to the scale I’ve lost a couple lbs – I realize that’s water weight. I’m trying not to focus too much on the scale because I’m more interested in judging progress based on how my pants fit and the ‘after photos.’ I’ve remained relatively the same weight for the last 2 years…but since I’ve lost muscle my clothes have gotten tighter and I don’t wear certain things that I used to wear. I truly believe the scale isn’t the best measure of fitness/health.

In a nutshell – what I learned so far:

  • This is a great program to kick off before a big event or even after a vacation/holiday when you’re READY to make a change and commit
  • It’s great to have a partner in crime (at least the 1st time around) to keep you motivated and accountable
  • There is a lot of satisfactions at the end of the day when you’ve stayed on track throughout  the day – it’s a great feeling – and that feeling will keep you motivated 
  • Although I haven’t eaten much – the snacks/liquids have helped me manage the last 2 days – I feel pretty energized, surprisingly 
  • Buy some different herbal (non caffeinated or sweetened) teas – I love cinnamon tea at the end of the day. The warm liquid makes you feel fuller – I liked having a few options to choose from. I was switching up between iced and hot – it helped me feel like I was ‘tasting’ something
  • Avoid doing your cleanse days on holidays/occasions where you have something big planned…it’d be difficult to go to a restaurant or cook-out on this cleanse (at least for me). I think I’d be pretty miserable. I like the idea of starting earlier in the week (Mon or Tue) when little else other than work is on the calendar
  • If you find yourself constantly thinking about food – grab a good magazine (not a food one though!) or watch funny YouTube videos! Or, I busted out some beauty samples and gave myself a good at-home face scrub/treatment…it felt nice the next morning to wake up to glowing skin
  • I found that because I couldn’t really eat when I got home – I spent more time playing with my dogs and chatting with my husband…vs. mindlessly munching tortilla chips on the couch. I thought that was a big win!
  • My mouth tasted horrible yesterday but I avoided gum – I kept drinking water and tea but it was still a weird feeling – so yea, that was not the greatest side effect
  • Get yourself a good, travel friendly water bottle. go ahead, buy one of those fancy glass ones! you’ll need one and the novelty of a new, funky water bottle will make you more apt to drink from it!

I can’t wait until approx. 12noon when I can eat my first real meal in 2 days – grilled chicken, brown rice, and broccoli!!! ❤ ❤



Day 1: Isagenix 9 day cleansing and fat-burning system – CC&NP gives it a whirl!

Today I started the Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat-Burning System (link below to Isagenix page with more detail).


What is it: This 9 day system consists of 4 “cleanse days” (2 at the beginning, 2 at the end) and 5 “shake days.” This probably sounds worse than it is – although the first 2 cleanse day seem like the hardest because there is no (real) solid food on these days. It’s primarily liquid. Consisting of Isagenix ‘Cleanse for Life’ mix with water every couple of hrs, 2 small snacks which are essentially small wafers that you take 2 at a time up to 4x a day, 2 “natural accelerator” tablets daily, and lots more water and herbal tea if you want it. The 6 “shake days” consist of 2 shakes as meal replacements (I’m doing 1 for breakfast and 1 for dinner to start) with a ‘regular’ lunch that is no more than 400-600 calories and incorporates a lean protein, whole grain, and vegetables. There are also snacks you are able to have between meals – Isagenix has some of their own you can order or you can pull from an approved list (for example: unsalted raw almonds or grapes).

Isagenix products have to be ordered through their website or through one of their “associates.” Once you sign up/order you become an associate (they make you pay a 1x $29 ‘associate fee’) so if anyone is interested – give me a holler and I can get you started.

Cost: including tax it cost me roughly $188 (not including shipping). This includes all the cleanse-day mix, cleanse day “snack” wafers, shake mix for 9 days, an info packet, shake bottle (BPA free!), some sample bars + snacks, and measuring tape. *one bummer is they forced me to sign up for auto-ship for next month/moving forward…which I might go back and cancel – unless I want more shake packets once this is over.

Since I ordered I’ve gotten an email from one of the Isagenix representative preparing me for the system. They give you some tips on food/snacks to buy for yourself – and some general guidance on preparing. I’m diggin’ it.

Why am I doing this?:  I want to get myself into a better place physically and I want to prove to myself that I can stick to a plan. Since my wedding (over 1.5 years ago!) I’ve been inconsistent with both healthy eating and exercise. I consider myself a fit person – but I want to be fitter. I talk about it…I want it…but I haven’t put myself on a plan or stuck to anything. I want to prove to myself that I can do it. My goal is to lose a few lbs (avg. weight lost for Isagenix 9 day system is 6 lbs) and tighten up for summer.

I consider my ‘trouble zones’ my hips and bum…I’d love to feel a bit leaner and toned (not sure hips can be toned, ha) in both areas. I will be continuing to work out – which includes a mix of boxer conditioning, spin, and yoga 5x per wk during this ‘system.’

In this post I am going to share my current (Day 1) measurements, weight, and % body fat. Note – the weight and % body fat will be from my at-home scale which I think sucks – but I think it’ll be fine for these purposes. I’ll also share my Day 1 thoughts on the first cleanse day / how I’m feeling. 

Check back in for periodic updates. I’ll share before & after pictures and measurements once I’ve completed the last day of the system. Fingers crossed there are noticeable changes!

The numbers – Day 1:

–          Height: 5’7″

–          Weight: 133.2 lbs

–          % Body Fat: 18.8%

–          Waist: 29″

–          Bust: 33″

–          Rib cage: 29″

–          Abdomen/hips: 34″

–          Butt: 37.5″

–          Upper thighs: 22″

–          Upper knees: 14.5″

–          Calfs: 14.5″

–          Upper Arms: 11.5″

–          Body Mass Index: 20.8 / considered healthy/normal

*Side note – I gotta admit this isn’t a perfect science – doing my own measurements wasn’t easy…this was my first time. Hopefully they’re somewhat accurate!

Day 1 thoughts:

I got started much later than intended (which I WOULD NOT recommend) because I didn’t receive my Isagenix delivery before Monday AM.  I had to live off water and coffee (yes, some may consider coffee a cheat – but I refuse to give up my coffee…and I got a small vs. my typical medium or large. And just a splash of soy milk) until I got to work and my friend Shannon – who is also doing the 9 day system with me – ya! – was able to let me ‘borrow’ some of the Cleanse for Life mix, snack wafers, and natural accelerator tablets until I get home tonight…where I anticipate my delivery being  on the door step.

How I feel so far: I have a hungry pit in my stomach. Not a shocker there! It’s actually such a consistent pang of hunger that I don’t even have an appetite right now. Does that even make sense? I am chugging the liquids and keeping my eyes on the clock until I can pop my wafers. They are so small…chalky – but they kinda and I mean kinda do the trick to curb hunger and keep you trucking.

Aside for a hungry stomach – I don’t feel bad otherwise. I feel quite energized. I have to admit that yesterday I went a little bonkers – which I’m not saying is a good idea AT ALL…I ate cookies, chips…and a good dinner of sliders (from Whole Foods!). I suppose if I didn’t eat so much yesterday I might be more ravenous today.

I also did a 45 minute intense spin class this AM @ The Handlebar in South Boston. Awesome class. However, the system recommends moderate exercise on cleanse days.

For the record, I did a 1 day juice cleanse last Friday in ‘prep’ for this…I did it so that I could show myself I could handle at least 1 day of not eating solids…and I was fine. I was also coming off of 7 days in Aruba where I drank pina coladas/Miami Vices and ate French fries to my heart’s content. I also ended up having to cut a slit up the side of my bridemaids dress because it was too tight – which I wore on the tail end of the trip! It had fit FINE before I left for Aruba! Not to mention my bikini bottom felt more like a thong by the end of the trip too. So yea, another reason I wanted to do this was because I didn’t feel so hot in Aruba…but I had a great time and that’s what counts!

This was me in ARUBA – one of legit 12 dozen photos I made my hubby take…this was a good angle all around. But next time I take a bikini pic I don’t want to try so hard for a good shot!


My plan for later tonight is to finish out the cleanse day – head to bed early. I plan to do a boxing/conditioning class in the AM (I hope I have the energy for it) and continue trucking through day 2 of the cleanse. I keep telling myself…I CAN DO IT. I keep envisioning myself at the end and the satisfaction I’ll feel…hopefully that will keep me going.

If you have any questions – feel free to ask! I didn’t want to make this post too long – but happy to answer any questions or give you more info on anything I may have left off.

Click here for more info on the 9 day system: