Isagenix 9 day system: 4 day diary…

Ahhh yes so days 5, 6, 7, and 8…

Here’s the deal:

  • Last week was a success – Monday to Friday evening I stayed on the program while also getting in a work-out 4 out of 4 days
  • Friday night rolled around – I had planned ahead to have a shake for breakfast and lunch and save my 400-600 cal meal for dinner…because I had plans with a friend. Well, I did pretty well – starting with salad and then moving onto 3 small slices of pizza. I like to think I’m a good date but I think I was closer to a wild, ravenous animal when a real meal came my way. I left dinner with an upset stomach and the feeling that I definitely exceeded my 400-600 cal allotment (even though the pizza was practically cheese-less!) and that I was far too focused on food
    • Despite a stomach ache, I came home and had a light dessert of dark chocolate and almond butter – it was a good alternative to the CVS candy I wanted to eat. This is where I realized this program was do-able for me during the week but once Friday night/the weekend hit, it got a little more tricky and not flexible enough (for me!)
  • Saturday – I did well in the AM and had a planned cheat in the PM as I had plans to join my friend for her bday dinner at a delicious Italian restaraunt in Beacon Hill. Sure, some of you might think – ‘you still could have planned ahead and chosen a light meal!’ – but no, I wanted to enjoy myself…that included an extra dirty gin martini
  • Sunday – I was also off the wagon. The sun was shining and my hubby and I ventured to the drive-on beach – there were beers, lobster rolls, french fries, and ice cream. Did I feel guilty? Yes. In the big scheme of things, 9 days is not a long time to stick to something – but Sunday was legit one of the first summer days in Boston and I literally soaked it (and ate it) in full force

photo (19)


enjoyed a couple of Yuengling Lights - good stuff

enjoyed a couple of Yuengling Lights – good stuff

  • So, here I am on Monday – back on the wagon – I should be on my first cleanse day – but instead I want to continue with shake days until mid-week when I’ll finish out with 2 cleanse days
  • Overall, I’m looking forward to focusing on Weight Watchers which feels like a more manageable and realistic program for me
  • I like the Isagenix shakes and I looooveee the Isalean meal bars (chocolate decadence flavor is AMAZING. and it didn’t hurt my tum – score!) – I want to continue to weave these into my healthier meal planning
My dutch chocolate Isagenix shake...I like to drink out of a fancy class for dinner. Yum!

My dutch chocolate Isagenix shake…I like to drink out of a fancy glass for dinner. Yum!

  • I felt really good when I was doing this program (especially my mood!). I would do it again…and aim for more consistency. Funny thing is – today I was in the crabbiest mood ever – which I’m sure is residual effects from my weekend’s antics!
  • My goal at this stage is to stick to a plan Mon-Fri but with the acceptance that things will come up and I need to plan better in advance to avoid binging or guilt
  • I certainly feel progress – my clothes are looser! But I’ll share the real #s at the end of the week once the wagon wheels are a bit more on track 🙂

Feel free to shoot me questions/comments etc. 


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