Hot off the press…Newsprint Nails!

Just saw the coolest nails today! I had heard about this manicure before (saw pics online) but assumed it would be too difficult to do yourself – and that you’d have to go to a nail salon and pay big bucks. Well, I was pleasantly surprised today when a co-worker showed off her ‘homemade’ newsprint nails – take a look:

She said it wasn’t hard to do at all – it just takes some additional time than a regular polish job and a couple extra supplies

What you need:

  • Nail polish – make sure the color isn’t too dark or the newsprint won’t show up (think light greys, blues, tans, pinks etc.)
  • Rubbing alcohol (a small amount is fine)
  • A couple pages of newspaper!
  • Top coat

The process:

  1. Paint your nails
  2. Let your nails dry. You can add a top coat as well – but just remember to let them DRY
  3. Next, grab the rubbing alcohol – using the cap (or a shot glass!) dip each of your finger nails/tips into the rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol with wet the tops of the nails this prepares them for ‘printing’
  4. Take a piece of newspaper, and one nail at a time, press a piece of the newspaper onto the nail bed – hold for ~15 seconds
    • Tip: you can look through the newspaper to find cool blurbs of text, or funky fonts – whatever you want! The idea is, anything you find in the newspaper you can transpose onto your nail…it seems like most people go with black & white text vs. images (considering you only have so much nail space to work with!)
  5. Carefully peel off the newspaper from each nail. Use a fresh piece/section of the newspaper for each nail
  6. Let it air dry for a couple of seconds and then apply a top coat to seal it all in
  7. Let dry and ENJOY!

What do you think, will you try it out? Have you already tried the newsprint nails? Please Share!