Pre-Holiday 2014: Add some sparkle to your wardrobe & beauty bag!

The idea for this post was sparked the other day while I watched puffy white snowflakes fly all around the streets of Boston. It felt strangely like the holidays. Albeit a tad too early for my taste (being barely Nov 1)!

The snowflakes themselves were sparkling and it made me think of holiday *things* – things that glitter.

Remember, glitter and sparkle aren’t just for pageants and Halloween! The holidays are a perfect time to break out some sparkle. Below are some ideas if you want to get into the Holiday party spirit a little early.


  • Deborah Lippman polish: *new* color called “Autumn in New York.” Autumn, winter, whatever. They’re both chilly seasons and this metallic gold polish is perfect for holiday fingers and toes. Click here to check it out: deborah lippmann Luxe Chrome Nail Lacquer; $20


DL's "Autumn in New York" hello winter nails

DL’s “Autumn in New York” hello winter nails



  • Rebecca Minkoff embellished winter white becky blazer: I’ll say it outright, this is pricey. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it because I’d spill red wine, chocolate, or something intensely dark on it. BUT, it’s so lovely, right? I picture it with black skinny jeans or trousers, tank underneath, heels, and a colorful clutch. Perfect for an after work holiday affair. The fabric and sparkles are high quality, picture doesn’t quite do it justice. Click here to check it out:; $428


Rebecca Minkoff embellished blazer - so classy, so expensive, wah

Rebecca Minkoff embellished blazer – so classy, so expensive, wah



  • Splendid sparkle jersey dress: for a hot second I thought, no, this is too springy. But then, I got to talking with the Splendid saleswoman and she mentioned her manager wore it with tights, a pair of booties, and a cute blazer on top. Love it. The gold sparkle (might be hard to see in pic) on the cream color definitely gives off a holiday vibe. It also comes in black with gold sparkle. And love the hem line! Click here to check it out:; $158
Splendid cotton sparkle dress - comfy and whimsical!

Splendid cotton sparkle dress – comfy and whimsical!



  • Bobbi Brown sparkle eye shadow: new news!  the sparkle shadows are now a permenant part of the Bobbi Brown make up line. I’m a big fan of this brand and these shadows are super fun for the holidays. *11* different sparkly colors to choose from. Click here to check it out:; $32


Bobbi Brown sparkle shadow - bling up ya lids

Bobbi Brown sparkle shadow – bling up ya lids



  • American Apparel sparkle leggings: every lady has to have a pair of sparkly leggings in her wardrobe. They’re more versatile than you think. Spice up that little black dress. Or, pair with some boots and a chunky sweater for a cozy yet fancy, holiday vibe. Click here to check it out: American Apparel Sparkle Pantyhose – White / Silver / XS/S; $10-$20


American Apparel sparkle tights - glam up ya gams

American Apparel sparkle tights – glam up ya gams



  • JoJo Blings earrings: there is literally a color for any occasion and any outfit. These new cushion cut blings in *RUBY* are perfect for the Holidays. And frankly, any time of year. I love JoJo blings to bring a pop of color to any ole outfit choice. Click here to check it out:; $32
JoJo cushion blings in Ruby - how beautiful are these??

JoJo cushion blings in Ruby – how beautiful are these??



  • Body Shop glazed apple sparkler: I came across this funky product at the airport. I don’t wear shimmer as much as I used to. I used to coat myself in glitter freshman year of college before going out on Saturday night. I swear, it was the “in” thing to be super sparkly all over. I like this shimmer for two reasons. 1. The packaging is adorable. It has the old fashion perfume puff. 2. It puts out just the right amount of shimmer. It’s not big pieces of glitter but small, silver sparkles that give a little glimmer. Totally fun for a night out. Add a little to your hair? You’re never too old for that! Click here to check it out:; $14.40
Body Shop apple sparkler!

Body Shop apple sparkler!

Hot off the press…Newsprint Nails!

Just saw the coolest nails today! I had heard about this manicure before (saw pics online) but assumed it would be too difficult to do yourself – and that you’d have to go to a nail salon and pay big bucks. Well, I was pleasantly surprised today when a co-worker showed off her ‘homemade’ newsprint nails – take a look:

She said it wasn’t hard to do at all – it just takes some additional time than a regular polish job and a couple extra supplies

What you need:

  • Nail polish – make sure the color isn’t too dark or the newsprint won’t show up (think light greys, blues, tans, pinks etc.)
  • Rubbing alcohol (a small amount is fine)
  • A couple pages of newspaper!
  • Top coat

The process:

  1. Paint your nails
  2. Let your nails dry. You can add a top coat as well – but just remember to let them DRY
  3. Next, grab the rubbing alcohol – using the cap (or a shot glass!) dip each of your finger nails/tips into the rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol with wet the tops of the nails this prepares them for ‘printing’
  4. Take a piece of newspaper, and one nail at a time, press a piece of the newspaper onto the nail bed – hold for ~15 seconds
    • Tip: you can look through the newspaper to find cool blurbs of text, or funky fonts – whatever you want! The idea is, anything you find in the newspaper you can transpose onto your nail…it seems like most people go with black & white text vs. images (considering you only have so much nail space to work with!)
  5. Carefully peel off the newspaper from each nail. Use a fresh piece/section of the newspaper for each nail
  6. Let it air dry for a couple of seconds and then apply a top coat to seal it all in
  7. Let dry and ENJOY!

What do you think, will you try it out? Have you already tried the newsprint nails? Please Share!