Moisturizers for tha face

Facial moisturizers…I’ve tried so many – from the $7 CVS brand to the $75 Chanel (who am I?) moisturizer. I am willing to pay extra on the one BIG condition – that is WORKS…that results are noticeable (oh and, the product actually last more than a month). Thus far I haven’t found any miracle creams – I might need to give up that quest one day. But recently I found this new moisturizer at Sephora. It ain’t cheap ($55) but it is great for sensitive skin and it’s also free of synthetic ingredients. The line of products is called REN – this is what they’re all about:

As I read more and more about the chemicals in make up, skin, and body care products I tryyyy to find products for myself with less/no synthetic ingredients (although you will find I use plenty that don’t follow these rules, eek). The idea of chemicals seeping through my skin freaks me out!! I have tried some ‘organic/all natural’ skin care lines but just because those boast natural/cleaner benefits it doesn’t mean my skin loves them. I have eczema on my face and can get dry patches so I need something that works and have to avoid strong fragrances. I am also prone to break outs.

So, I tried REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream

Two pumps cover my face and neck. Making sure I cover my neck these days is important – as the neck tends to age quicker than the face for some woman, eek!

I would recommend this daily moisturizer to anyone looking for cream that moisturizers well, doesn’t leave you too greasy, and is looking for a product with less/no synthetic ingredients. I also found the bottle lasts a few months – which is good when you’re forking over $55. I got mine at Sephora but it’s also sold at Barney’s (and prob other places)

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