Tried something different for dark circles…

This blog can’t be all about the good…that’d be boring. Although I wouldn’t put this in the extreme ‘it sucked’ bucket, I need to point out that it’s ‘NOT SO MUCH’ worth the money…

The Lady @ the Laura Mercier (LM) counter suggested the ‘under eye perfecter.’ It comes in a little pot…and it’s this mauve/rose color. You are suppose to put a light coating under your eye, before you apply your concealer. The color is questionable and the’LM lady’ admitted that too much would make me look ‘like death’ – but apparently the red tones cancel out the purple color in under eye circles. She applied it with a concealer brush and put LM secret concealer over it. I looked in the mirror and thought ‘dang, this looks good!’ My under eye circles were masked, it really did cancel out the purple. I was sold and bought a pot.

I’ve had this pot for over 3 months and used it about 3x…honestly, I can’t seem to get the same effect at home. Either I look ‘like death’ or I feel like I’m putting too much under my eyes since I have to cover it with concealer. At the end of the day, might be a good thing to have on hand for a special event when I want to ‘do it up.’ But for everyday, I find it too complicated and risky. The rose color is just frightening…and not easy to work with.

Cost: $22

For the record:

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