A power toothbrush for your face

I saw it in magazines…celebs were using it…I tested it out at the spa during a facial. Over time, I heard more and more about the Clarisonic. That it was invented by the inventor of the Sonicare power toothbrush (which I use and love) and as I saw more and more celebs endorsing it and spas picking it up – I began to think ‘I need to get this.’

I pooled my birthday money and for once went about this purchase more frugally – by searching for a good deal online. I knew I could get it full price at Nordstrom or at a spa on Newbury Street but I really liked the thrill of the hunt and finding the Clarisonic for less. I paid around $125 for the original Clarisonic on Amazon.com. I got the pink version – some proceeds going towards breast cancer. When I got it in the mail, I was beyond excited to test this baby out…like a new car.

I’ll cut to the chase…after months of use…I love it. The Clarisonic uses the technology of a power toothbrush to clean your face. It’s light vibrating brush cleanses your face – make up and dirt gone. I was worried it would make my skin raw or inflame my eczema. However, around the time I began to use the Clarisonic in tandem with my Chanel cleanser my eczema died down! Now, I use the Clarisonic everyday. I go with the sensitive brush head, just to be safe. The brush needs to be replaced every few months and costs around $25. You can use any facial cleanser with it.

This thing keeps it charge longer than any electric toothbrush. I’ve brought it to the gym, on vacation, you name it. It is compact enough to travel with (and they even make a smaller unit, if you’re interested). I love how my skin feels after I use this. Clean and soft. The bumps on the side of my face have lessened…and my skin is prepped for moisturizer.


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