What am I doing?

I walk the aisles of CVS after a long week, I stalk the shelves of Target on a random Sunday…and strike up many a conversation with the ‘ladies’ at the beauty counter in Nordstrom…no, I’m not lost or friendless…I just consider myself a tester, on the eternal hunt to find ‘the next best’ beauty product or ‘girlie thing.’ Included in my list of items to ‘hunt for’ are also cupcakes, jeans, and general girlie products and services that encourage ‘well being’ in all the ways it can be derived.

I’m hunting on a budget – but often willing to spend a bit more for something proven or rumored to be worth the extra expense – I simply like to ‘see for myself.’ If I like it, I want to tell my friends…if I hate it, I want to send out a warning. This is where I’ll organize my tests, share my tools for those who care…and generally, feed the hunger many of us share for the neighborhood’s best cupcakes and the season’s best nail polish color.

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