A good tea for a miserable day…

When it’s cold out…I’d like to reach for a large cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows – but my ‘self control’ (ha) usually convinces me that I’m better off not going there. Instead, I’ll often reach for coffee – but after a couple of cups, I don’t always feel good. I get gittery.  Sometimes water just doesn’t cut it and on a cold day I need something warm and something that can mimimize my hunger. Some herbal teas are too flowery, others are too fruity and I feel like I’m drinking watered down juice.

 The other day, I was in Stop & Shop (natural food aisle) and decide to try this Yogi tea called ‘Detox.’ Which promotes healthy liver and kidney function. I thought to myself ‘hmmm, I did have a few drinks last night…I could use some detox.’ I brought a box home for under $5. I love the spicey smell of this tea but it is also slightly sweet. I’ve had this after dinner or in the afternoon and I’ve found that the slight spice curbs my hunger.

I’ve always liked this line of teas – they have a great variety. I love the packaging, the detail they put into ‘what tea is meant for what ailment/need.’ There are even little feel-good quotes on each tea bag tag. I’d highly suggest some Yogi tea – it can be found at Stop & Shop/Whole Foods etc.

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