Tried & True = Moroccan Oil

Like many products this was suggested to me by my mom – she’s my beauty inspiration. She told me it was pricey but the bottle would last awhile. I was told to put a small dime size amount of the oil in my hands, rub it around and then distributed onto my hair after blow drying and styling – avoiding the roots because it could make them greasy. My hair would be softer, less frizzy. I followed the orders.

#1. Love the smell, it smells exotic/vanilla-ish…hard to describe, because it’s really not like anything I’ve smelled before

#2. It makes my hair so soft and takes away frizz – it absorbed quickly and as long as I avoided my roots, it didn’t grease up my hair

Couple cons:

#1. I’ve been reading that Moroccan Oil is simply a silicone based product which is in many typical hair care products. In other words, it’s not necessarily this exotic hair-care miracle…and contains the same ingredients that you can find in lower priced products that have been on the market for awhile. Maybe they just have a smart marketing hook? (because I did feel like the Moroccan Oil worked better/differently than other products I’ve tried)

#2. It’s not cheap – a bottle can cost about ~$40 (but it lasts a very long time – considering you only need a dime-size amount – I think you could even get away with less – I use this amount and I have a lot of hair and it’s color treated)

I got a mini bottle at the salon and like this size the best because it was obviously cheaper and fits easily into my purse

Moroccan Oil is sold a various salons – you can also find it online:

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