if she asked me to marry her I would have said y-e-s

There is was…the white paper bag on the kitchen counter…the next thing I know my friend Cristin was suggesting I look inside. I had a sneaky suspiscion it contained Lulu’s cupcakes (http://luluboston.com)

…not because I snuck a peak earlier, but because I’ve become familair with the plain-white paper bag and the awesome contents it usually holds (having lived in the North End for three years).

As I peeked over the top of the bag  – I saw it, the Lulu’s cupcake logo on the top of a half-dozen cupcake box. YA! I was excited at the thought of popping open the box and checking out the sure-to-be new flavors inside. So, I popped open the box and noticed something different – some pink frosting looped across the top of the six cupcakes. I squinted, I focused…and read outloud… ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ – words can’t describe how surprised I was and all the happy thoughts whipping through my head. Oh my god, this is so nice, she is the best, how thoughtful, OF COURSE! (to name a few) – Cristin and I spent a few moments jumping up and down.

Trucking to the North End to pick up yummy desserts and bringing them home is a big deal…going to the North End to get your friend’s favorite dessert and creatively interweaving the request to be part of your big day – simply amazinnnggg. Best cupcakes I ever had. PERIOD.

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