Howie loves make up

ok, maybe he's not that psyched

Here he is, making himself comfy on Mom’s vanity chair. Howie loves to watch me do my hair and make up. I know he’d read this blog if he could…he has a thing for stilettos and hair dryers

2 thoughts on “Howie loves make up

    • Howie is acting a’ fool this week because Nick is in Ireland…he has separation anxiety! He wouldn’t sleep last night. You wanna babysit …he’ll be a reallll treat haha!

      The vanity is a sturdy piece of furniture! It comes with a glass covering for the top, which is nice…keeps the actual vanity clean/easy to wash. I had no idea how to put it together though, Ikea furniture confuses me. Thankfully, Nick put it together. It seems to be worth the investment – but I’d suggest that someone else assemble it!!!


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