‘My lipgloss brings all the…’ finish that line (best/worst song ever)

On any given day, if you dump out my purse, about 6 to 8 lipglosses or balms will fall out. Am I alone in this? I don’t know what it is about these things, but I love to have them…

What I look for/avoid in lipglosses/balms:

  • Subtle color nothing dramatic
  • Can’t be too sticky. Isn’t it the worse when your hair gets stuck on your lips? The worst culprit for this problem are those shiny lipgloss tubes from Victoria’s Secret, ew
  • Price isn’t a huge qualifier – but if it’s more than $8, it needs to last for MONTHS
  • Needs to moisturize, make my lips feel nice
  • It can’t smell bad
  • And I don’t do lip plumping ingredients…I have a small mouth, no amount of weird tingling is going to make me look like Angelina
  • Not too glittery, I save that for Halloween

just a few expectations, I’m not crazy ha.

After trying so many, my current go-tos:

For Lipgloss:

  • Laura Mercier Lip Glace: it’s silky, goes on smooth, moisturizes well, smells nice yet subtle, gives a nice pop of color – and it lasts a very long time, which is key because it’s $22. I’ve had my first one for almost a year!

My favorite lipglosses! You can tell I put them to good use

For lip balm:

  • Aside for the tried and true Rosebud Salve – I love EOS lip balm, sold at most pharmacies and on Amazon, Target.com (couldn’t find on drugstore.com)

*good news on ‘purchase regrets’ when it comes to some of these higher priced cosmetics…if you purchase from Nordstrom’s, you can bring it back for a refund or exchange…even if you’ve used it. They understand, sometimes you try it and simply don’t like it. I love Nordstrom for this reason, they are #1 in customer service in my book

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