itchy scalp issues

I was teased the other day (I won’t name names) for mentioning that I have an itchy scalp sometimes. So itchy that my manicures don’t usually last more than 3 days (unless I get the gel mani!) Whatever, we all have our problems.

It’s annoying issue…if you have an itching scalp, or dry skin problem on your head…the best shampoo I have found is Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo. I know, it doesn’t sound cool at all, but it works and it’s cheapIt can’t just be any version of H&S, it has to have the Pyrithione zinc (that’s what my dermatoligist recommended).

I usually get this condition around allergy season…I keep this on hand. It completely relieves the problem. Thankfully, I don’t have to use it everyday. But there are seasons when I have to use it regularly. I use my regular conditioner with it, and my hair looks/feels great. It doesn’t make my hair weird or frizzy.

Guys love this stuff…so when people see it in my shower, I just tell them it’s Nick. He does use it too! It’s about $8, and you can find it at most drugstores, I usually get mine at Target. Or here:

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