No pudging around

Love chocolate? But also trying to be smarter about dessert choices? (ppfff)

I can’t recall when I first learned about No Pudge…but since it was introduced to me, I’ve consumed many a’ box. I was sold when someone said the words chocolate, no fat, low-calorie BROWNIES in one sentence.

Of course, I assumed No Pudge would taste funky, or be unsatisfying (like many no fat desserts!). BUT, I was beyond excited after my first batch of No Pudge – realizing that they taste like the real-deal. I was convinced this was some type of magical recipe.

The ‘secret’ is, No Pudge uses – fat-free yogurt in place of oil, butter, or eggs. You can also substitute yogurt for applesauce, soy yogurt, or tofu for lactose free brownies.

No Pudge is sold at most grocery stores ~$3.50 a 13.7 oz. box. I usually find it at Stop & Shop. I stick to the original chocolate – but they also have: raspberry, mint, and cappuccino. I once ordered a bulk box off of so that I would have a reserve of No Pudge, it was weird…but I never regretted it. I try to keep a box on hand for when  chocolate cravings strike.

The coolest thing is – you can make a single serving in the microwave in only 1 minute! Aside from the fact that you don’t have to cook a whole batch if you’re cooking for one, there is also no need to wait for the oven to pre-heat. You can make + enjoy in record time

Here is the single serve recipe:

For toppings, I like rainbow sprinkles…or a tiny bit of peanut butter. Hey, it needs some fat.

Check out No Pudge here:

Feel free to share your No Pudge experience or favorite topping(s)!

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