Face moisturizer for combo skin…paraben free!

This morning I was digging through my ‘product drawer’ hoping to find a moisturizer with a bit more ummpphh for my face. I was out in the sun yesterday and my skin feels dry and icky from all the sunscreen. I re-discovered a WELEDA face moisturizer I bought awhile back at Whole Foods.

First, what is Weleda: Weleda is a company that makes natural beauty products. A big part of their mission is using Biodynamic farming methods and developing fair trade partnerships. I had to google ‘biodynamic farming’ – it means:  ‘a method of organic farming that treats farms as unified and individual organisms, emphasizing balancing the holistic development and interrelationship of the soil, plants and animals as a self-nourishing system without external inputs insofar as this is possible given the loss of nutrients due to the export of food.‘ Ok, so organic farming…it sounds good. 

I was drawn to try this line for a couple of reasons: it had been recommended to me as a good, natural product line, the price point wasn’t as high as some of the other options at Whole Foods – and this particular product seems to address the needs of my skin – I tried: Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion

my tube of Weleda Iris Hydrating face cream

Cost: $20 (at Whole Foods) for a 1.0 oz tube (link to product below)

A few selling points:

  • For oily to combination skin
  • Light, fast absorbing
  • Regulates natural moisture balance and provides long-lasting protection against drying out
  • Uses organic jojoba seed oil as a hydrating emollient that nourishes and softens
  • Organic calendula flower extract soothes skin and provides a protective antiseptic barrier
It was featured in Whole Living Magazine:

Weleda Iris hydrating cream featured in WL magazine (it's the white/purple tube up top)

What I love about Weleda –

  • besides it being a natural option…
  • it did a great job moisturizing my skin
  • I love the slight lavender smell
  • It comes in a tube so you don’t have to dip a finger into a pot and spread bacteria around
  • It spreads well, sinks into skin and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy
  • My skin stayed moisturized during the day

One thing I noticed is, the ingredients seem to seperate…so when you first squeeze it out there is a bit of oily liquid that comes out with the white cream. You have to mix it between your fingers before you apply to get the right consistency.

I thought I’d share this natural, paraben free option. A moisturizer for ‘combination’ skin is always good for me in the summer – my skin is dry year-round but tends to break out more in the summer…with the humidity and the sunscreen I apply to my face. Oh and…given all the chemicals in sunscreen it feels nice to apply something natural at the end of a beach day 😉

If you’re looking for a natural option – the Weleda line might be a good one to look into!

Have you tried Weleda or any natural skin care product lines? Please share 

3 thoughts on “Face moisturizer for combo skin…paraben free!

      • Hi – Retinol is the great anti ager. I would use a retinol cream nightly. Believe it or not, Salma Hayek brand makes a great retinol ‘pod’ product. And if you’re open to it, Botox has helped my forehead wrinkles – although it is something that needs up keep (every 4-6 months) and is certainly more invasive. Feel free to email me if you have more questions! Bethamckenna@gmail.com


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