free foot massages…today only!

Today was the day we tried out some of the Pink Papaya goodies sent by Liz 🙂 It seemed like the perfect time to use the blackberry fig foot scrub and the foot creme with sweet almond oil…Nick underwent elbow surgery on Wednesday of this week and has been trying to relax and recover. I offered to test the scrub and creme on his feet because he’s in need of a little pampering. He gladly accepted the offer.

The supplies! A couple towels + a big mixing bowl (big enough for a foot haha) filled with warm water, and the sample size foot scrub and creme!

Side note…I’m not usually the gal who gives her guy foot rubs – but I feel like he really needs it…and he’s a great test subject!

First we used the foot scrub – Pink Papaya says: organic brown sugar and blackberry seeds remove tough and rough skin from your feet. Sesame seed oil and vitamin E soothe and heal feet while adding moisture. $22.50 for 6.5oz. (item # 00057) – PARABEN FREE!

Pink Papaya blackberry fig foot scrub - it's so pretty - you can see the crystals of brown sugar and blackberry seeds

The smell of the scrub is amazing – it has a warm, sweet brown sugar scent. I liked that the smell is not overpowering so Nick didn’t feel like I was rubbing his feet with ‘girl stuff.’ The pieces of brown sugar and real blackberry seeds make it easy to scrub rough areas of the feet. The scrub stayed in tact – I’ve used scrubs that dissolve once they hit water, which defeats the purpose! The scrub felt nice against the skin!

When we washed the scrub off and you could feel a smooth coating on the feet, but once we wiped with a towel it was all dry. And ready for the creme!

foot creme with sweet almond oil – Pink Papaya says: hydrate your feet with this wonderful foot creme enriched with jojoba and sweet almond oil. Banish callouses and rough feet forever! Your feet will feel silky and have an improved appearance instantly.  $17.00 for 6.0oz (item #00056) – PARABEN FREE!

Pink Papaya foot creme

The creme has a subtle smell – and is nice and emolient so you don’t need a lot – it’s just the right consistency – not too thick (like a body butter) and then also not too watery. It made massaging the feet easy (I can’t believe I was massaging someone else’s feet FOR FREE haha)

Nick had no complaints – shocking 😉 his feet felt so soft. And he said once he gave them a minute or so to dry, they didn’t feel greasy. After we were done he kept saying how good his feet felt…and how relaxing the treatment was 🙂

At the end of the day, this was definitely a treat. It made me realize that pampering like this is great for someone who is on their feet all day – like a teacher, nurse, or cop (etc.) If you have a job that keeps you on your feet a lot – this would be something to consider as a regular treatment to soothe tired feet. It’s also a nice bonding experience if you’re looking to spoil a significant other.

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