Bare Minerals…ya heard?

I’ve always been a liquid foundation girl…however, I was tempted to try Bare Minerals this week after another friend mentioned they joined the cult 🙂

I bought the Bare Minerals Get Started Kit for $60 at Macy’s (also at Sephora, link below) – after testing colors, I got the ‘light’ foundation but the kit also come with a medium tone, which I assume is for summer/tanned skin.

Bare Minerals Starter Kit - Sephora version includes primer!

I’ve been using the line for a couple of days now…I am going to wait another few before I post a full review…because I want to see how my skin reacts over time.

But, in the mean time —- have YOU tried Bare Minerals or mineral foundation?? How did you like it? Please share!

One thought on “Bare Minerals…ya heard?

  1. i’ve also been tempted by the BareMinerals fad…the infomercials draw you in and ive heard from many friends that they will never use another product again!
    have you seen any changes in your skin/coverage/skills on applying since aug 7th? (hmmm a one month early bday present to yo’self?)
    thanks CC&N!


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