ever been to The Perfume Corner??

I was walking near Downtown Crossing (in Boston – also abbreviated as ‘DTX’ for us Beantowners) the other day…because it is less than a 5 minute walk from where I work. I was randomly handed a flyer for The Perfume Corner. It was a cheapy looking flyer…yellow paper, black font…offering 20% off any one item. It listed some of the products in the store: men’s grooming, home sprays, bath & body, fragrances, hair tools etc. (just to name a few!) I realized…I HAD to check this place out. I had seen it before while walking towards DTX but didn’t give it another look…I had assumed it was some ‘perfume emporium,’ like those wall-to-wall perfume places at the mall that always overwhelm me.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I finally visited The Perfume Corner (all store info below so you can find this cool place too)

It’s not a huge store…more so medium-sized. It’s one floor…and it’s stocked wall-to-wall and even in the middle with stands of products (eekkk. love!) I knew they would have many types of perfumes…and they certainly do. So many different kinds, many that are hard to find…many old favorites. I didn’t notice Chanel (one of my faves – but, looks like they have it if you go on The Perfume Corner website…link below) or some newer perfumes but they DO carry a wide variety of brands from Vera Wang, to Cool Water, Givenchy, Escada, J-Lo Glo (seriously, I love this smell…something about it is so fresh…I was tempted to buy!), Curve, Armani, Juicy, Lucky, and many, many more! Honestly, 100s of kinds.

Another thing I loved – the wall of miniature perfumes. Mini perfumes are great because they are so easy to carry in your purse (or wristlet). I carry a mini Chloe perfume and dab it on every time I am out on the town. Sometimes you need to freshen up! And who wants to carry a huge perfume bottle? Pic of the mini perfume wall below…look at that variety:

Some other great finds at this place:

  • Tons of soaps and bath products…some in gift packages – others that you can buy individually. So much variety…you could make a cute bath gift basket!
  • They carry A LOT of Burts Bees products…bath and beauty products, lip glosses, and even eye shadows
  • They have Rosebud Salve $3 for the tin and $5 for the tube! they are securely sealed, so nothing sketchy going on…they look just like the ones sold in Sephora (the tin and the tube are both $6 at Sephora…so you’ll save $3 and $1 respectively @ The Perfume Corner)
  • They carry a bunch of home fragrance product lines…one in particular jumped out at me…it’s called CLEAN. I bought a bottle of the room spray awhile back at Marshalls and now I love it. The scent is so clean and fresh (hence the name) I like it because it’s not floral or stiiinnkky like Lysol…but it certainly clears bad smells from a room (or bathroom! eww, Nick) Love love it…here is a pic (they sell the room spray for $9, great deal):

best roomspray ever!

  • They also carry discounted makeup sponges and cotton squares, hair dryers, straighteners, and a bunch of guy products – oh and perfume atomisers (very pretty ones!)

Overall, some cool finds in this store. I had fun just searching around! This would be a great place to find/put together a beauty/bath gift (for a guy or gal – or yourself!) And if you’re looking for a perfume that might be hard(er) to find…try here!

The prices are great too – everything seems relatively discounted. I think some of the perfumes are company issued testers…they are unused/the same as the perfume in the store, you just don’t get the fancy box/packaging. who really needs that anyway?

The Perfume Corner seems to have some hard to find beauty/bath goodies.

If you’re in/around DTX – check this place out if you have some time!

Have you ever heard of this place? Would you check it out??

The Perfume Corner:


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