Birchbox #2 is here!

I was watching the pre-season Pats game with Nick and suddenly I spotted it – the hot pink package on top of our ‘mail stand.’ How didn’t I notice this earlier? And, why wouldn’t Nick mention this cute lil package with my name on it? Either way, everything stopped and for the next 10 minutes I focused on opening and exploring Birchbox #2. (don’t know what I’m talking about – scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post for a link to the original post on Birchbox!)

Again, getting the package in the mail was fun in itself

Again, presentation was a 10 out of 10 = high quality…cute box, 2 different colors of pink tissue paper wrapping the contents. And another smaller packet of goodies wrapped individually – I’ll let the pics do the talking – see below:

eek hot pink mail, how fun!

a box within a box, so pretty!

Birchbox #2 contents, wrapped so nicely!

clear shot of tha' goods

encouraging feedback/ marketing side likes this

note from the Birchbox girls, on the back is a description of each sample (along with full size cost)

Thoughts on the Birchbox #2 samples:

  • Befine night cream (white tube) – I’ve heard good things about this brand, maybe I’ll try it or pass it on to someone else
  • Befine – single serve exfoliating cleanser (came in the packet) – might be fun to try one night!
    • Befine products are paraben free, vegetarian proteins, allergen free fragrance!
  • Number 4 re-constructing hair mask (cylinder shaped bottle w/ black cap) – this looks cool – definitely want to try this on my dry summer hair
  • Also included a Fleur de Temps volumizing shampoo – my hair is large, I might not need this but the presentation is nice in the big white envelope
  • stila sheer color tinted moisturizer (tiny silver tube) – I probably won’t use this, maybe if I’m looking for a new tinted moisturizer next summer
  • TOCCA sunscreen towelettes – love these, and these will come in handy during my Vegas trip in 2 weeks!!
  • Lastly, and I didn’t even notice this at first – a ‘twistband‘ which is a soft elastic hair tie…’looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hand.’ UM LOVE THIS, excited to try

Love the variety this month. very good choice of brands! I might tuck a couple of these in my sample drawer…which may keep getting more and more full with Birchbox samples as time goes on! but whatever, more things to share with friends (and randomly dig through).

I will definitely put the hair mask, sunscreen wipes, and hair tie to use ASAP.

Yaa, for Birchbox…good feelings so far.

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