Splurge: funky mascara colors

Mascara…most of us default to black. It’s a staple, it helps define the eyes…without it, I’d look tired 24/7. For some people, mascara is their one and only makeup (must be nice!)

For the record, makeup artists suggest that light-haired/blondes opt for brown/black…and save straight black for night or special event wear.


but, other than those standards… how can you spice up mascara? is there anything different you can do without looking like a freak?

here are three (different) mascara colors that are worth dipping into:

  1. Burgundy/plum
  2. Blue
  3. Purple


  • I’ve read that burgundy/plum and blue are best for making blue eyes pop. However, I’ve tried both colors and thought they look great with hazel eyes as well, if I do say so myself!
  • Recently, I tried purple because I read that it looks good on brown eyes…all in all, it’s a fun, yet subtle pop of color (brings out golden flecks in brown eyes)

If you want to try a burgundy/plum that is safe to use during the work day + that won’t have people saying ‘what are you wearing on your eye lashes!?’

One that I’ve tried and really liked:

  • Benefits BadGal Plum Mascara $19.00

  • Link to product: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P222454&categoryId=B70
  • Thoughts: with some colored mascaras, I sometimes find that I need to start with a layer of black mascara and then layer the colored mascara on top…so that my eyes pop enough. But I like this mascara color alone. It is subtle enough for everyday – but it still gives definition to the eyes. It brings out the golden hues in my eyes. It helps lengthen lashes…it’s not waterproof but I haven’t had a huge issue with it running

A blue mascara that I’ve liked – and should note, the blue is pretty bright and for me is best saved for the weekend – typically I swipe a black mascara on first and then layer this on top…and yes, the blue definitely POPs!

  • Dior Show in Azure Blue (in royal blue #258) $24.50

Lastly, a girl at work ordered a new mascara…I saw the Sephora box on her desk and had to know about the contents. She bought a YSL (YvesSaintLaurent – I cannot pronounce that) purple mascara. She said that she tried her friends and she loved it. I love referrals so I went to Sephora to check it out for myself…

I decided to try:

  • YSL Mascara Singulier Nuit Blanche – Waterproof – Exaggerated Lashes (in Vibrant Violet #4) $30.00

So, there is it…a few fun mascara colors worth testing out. Although the mascaras mentioned above are on the pricier side…Almay is one drugstore company that makes funky colored mascara with a lower price point. Also, keep in mind, these other mascaras can last awhile especially if you’re only using periodically or as a layer on top of black (or brown/black!).

Do you use colored mascara? If so, what color?! and what brand?

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