your day/week-after Halloween mask

This was a pamper-me weekend…but, not everything I did was healthy (aka good for the body) – such as the record consumption of Reese’s peanut butter cups. Ever tried putting them in the freezer for a couple of hours? Well, if not – try it…it makes the experience that much more delicious.

Besides consuming large amounts of sugar and reading bridal magazines (eeek!) – I also applied an enzyme mask to my face. I originally tried this following Halloween weekend after I fell sleep in full face make up (i.e. pink cat nose, black whiskers, pink glittery eyes and extra cover up all around)…I woke up looking like The Walking Dead. I knew I needed to do something for my skin…so for the first time I tried – Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Revitalizing Mask


not as scary as when I woke up with yesterday's Halloween face on!

I picked up a tub at Ulta for $20. After the first application it was clear, this tub is going to last me awhile because a little goes along way. Why did I pick this up? Well…I read the main benefits and I was sold:

  • Hydrate And Revitalize Skin. This product is a moisture intensive Alpha Hydroxy mask ideal for dull, dry or mature skin. Papaya and Grapefruit Extracts are the natural exfoliants blended with antioxidant Vitamin A and E oils giving the skin a refreshed, glowing appearance

I read some great reviews on this product and I found that – after letting it sit for ~20 minutes and rinsing with warm water and a clean face towel, my skin felt clean and soft. It didn’t feel dried out or greasy. I used it a couple of times during the week including this weekend – so far, my skin is thanking me. I’ve tried masks that are either too drying or too moisturizing and I break out…but so far, this is a keeper.

Over the summer I wrote a post on Mario Badescu…this is one of my favorite product lines and I continue to discover new products Mario offers. Link to original post below

If you fell asleep in your Halloween make up – or if you consumed large amounts of peanut butter cups on the couch and then fell asleep – try this mask, it’s a little pick-me-up for the complexion!

Original Mario Badescu post:


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