It has been months since I wrote a post…where have I been?? Pretty much completely swept away in wedding planning. I’ve found the process super stressful and all the details overwhelming. This past weekend I realized, I miss my hobby of blogging about girly things (like make up, jeans, toiletries, and cupcakes!)…if I’m going to be staring at a computer screen, I’d rather it be to share new tips, tricks, and products…than mull over a guest list or stalk down my florist via email. So here I am! Back in action! Here is a recent pic of my mascot Howie Moore and my future husband, Nick – who is clearly exhausted from all the wedding planning he is (not) doing

Howie & Nick snoozin

 Feel free to send post ideas! I look forward to hearing from you guys

glad to be back 🙂

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